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July/August 2014 - The Power of Partnership

In our cover story, Rich DeVos talks about his partnership with his wife Helen and his business partners Jay Van Andel . The Our Times column shows the benefits and caveats of business partnerships—whether they consist of two leaders sharing the same distributorship, couple partnerships, spouses building different teams or companies, or team/accountability partners.

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Networking Times Highlights

Direct Sales is a Worthy Profession, Not a Plan B
- Don Karns
Why are we seeing an upturn in the number of people turning to direct sales as an income source in the last few years?

Partners Are Precious
- Dr. Josephine Gross
To accumulate lasting riches, put people first and learn to build true partnerships.

Welcome to America!
- Patrick Bet-David
Do immigrants have a secret shortcut to success in network marketing? Be inspired to adopt some of their mindsets and apply them to your own business.

Boundaries Create Harmony
- Sandra Bienkowski Bilbray
First determine the lifestyle you want, then craft your business around that vision. When we are happy, we are more productive.

Lead Interview:
The Power of Partnership
Subscriber Only

Richard DeVos | Lead Interview

Born in 1926 in Michigan, Richard DeVos is an American businessman who partnered with Jay Van Andel to found what would become the biggest direct selling company in history to date. “We were just two guys who wanted to have a business of our own,” says Rich. “We were two kids who were hungry for more

Master Networker:
Team Work Makes the Dream Work
Subscriber Only Travis and Summer Flaherty | Master Networker
Travis and Summer Flaherty are network marketing professionals who are raising their five children in Phoenix, Arizona. They got married fourteen years ago and built a successful conventional business, but when a friend introduced them to network marketing, they immediately recognized it as a much more

Master Networker:
Freedom of Choice
Subscriber Only Jay Coburn | Master Networker
Jay Coburn is a network marketing leader whose first exposure to the business happened thirty-five years ago. He fell in love with the personal development and the promise of residual income, so he built several companies on a part-time basis over the years. It wasn't until he found a company and more

Master Networker:
Partners in Success
Subscriber Only Kevin Marino and Bob Doran | Master Networker
Kevin Marino and Bob Doran are business partners building one and the same distributorship. They don't recommend this to anyone else, but love to share their story of how it worked so well for them. Their success is due to a shared entrepreneurial spirit, matching work ethic, complementary skill more

Free Training Articles

The Neurology of Success
Dr. Steve Taubman

Kim came to me about a year ago a broken woman. She had been a successful direct seller, a leader of some repute, and a top earner in her company. A few years back, she had a falling out with one of her top people; someone with a substantial team in her own rite.

That falling out led to a mutiny of sorts, and Kim watched as a sizable part of her business dissolved before her eyes. The financial hit was considerable, but the psychological hit was infinitely more profound.

When I met Kim, she was a woman without hope. She'd lost her confidence and replaced it with a sense of dread. She had become convinced that her team didn't respect her, that she was an outcast, and that the best thing she could do for all concerned was to disappear from their lives... read more

The Cycle of Life
Carlos Marin

Most people are frustrated with the negative results they have in life—their relationships, their bodies, being in debt and not making enough money to have what they want or retire with the lifestyle they are accustomed to. This is a result of the beliefs we adopted early in life, but these are just ideas we've bought into and which are keeping us from accessing our true potential. Make sure you watch this short video to understand the formula that has helped me build the life of my dreams, including a large network marketing business, then sign up for my upcoming webinar! ... view the video

Carlos Marin - The Cycle of Life video

The Art of Network Marketing Communication
Doug Firebaugh

In reality, most folks in network marketing don't understand that we are in the business of NETWORKING!

We all need to get "out there" and become more visible to the public and even strangers. Hermits don't do very well in this business.

What would happen to your business if you would came across someone who could explode your business, and when you talked to him or her…you blew it by saying and asking the wrong things? The answer would be: nothing.

You would have no change to your home business, and no change to your future. Another waste-filled conversation dropped in the recruiting abyss of "could have been's." ... read more

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