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September/October 2014 - SHARING ECONOMY

In our Sep/Oct 2014 issue world renowned economist, social entrepreneur, and New York Times bestselling author Paul Zane Pilzer talks about the sharing revolution and how network marketing "invented" this new way of doing business.

In the Our Times column, network marketing leaders explain why they expect their businesses to grow significantly and benefit many in the sharing economy.

Network Marketing Magazine

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Networking Times Highlights

The Last Mile
- Chris Brogan
Rejoice in the fact that the sharing economy is opening up a whole new level of connections for you to help in your own special way.

Are You Guilty of Multitasking?
- Jill Konrath
Multitasking is killing our productivity. Learn how to drop this time-sucking, brain-derailing behavior.

Know and Share Your Stuff
- Michelle Gielan
Creating an interdependent mindset by sharing resources and supporting others is a foolproof recipe for happiness and success.

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Lead Interview:
The Sharing Revolution
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Tom Schreiter | Lead Interview

Paul Zane Pilzer is a world renowned economist, social entrepreneur, and New York Times bestselling author. Networking Times interviewed Paul about his book God Wants You to Be Rich (1995) in 2003 for an issue on Spiritual Marketing. When we found out he was writing a book on the sharing economy more

Master Networker:
A Ph.D. in Life
Subscriber Only Shelley Ke | Master Networker
Shauna Ekstrom and Dr. Scott Peterson are newlyweds who found each other through network marketing. Today they lead a growing international team while enjoying a life of freedom that was impossible to achieve in their previous careers. A hairstylist by trade, Shauna developed keen people skills more

Master Networker:
Follow Me on Facebook
Subscriber Only Randy Hedge | Master Networker
Amber Voight is a young network marketing leader who already has 10,000 people on her team. At age 28, she has been in direct selling for 11 years, during which she also owned some traditional businesses. Network marketing became her vehicle of choice when she discovered her purpose is to help more

Rising Star:
Learn to Dream Big
Subscriber Only Kestutis Matulionis | Rising Star
In 2010 Sara Marble was looking for a healthy way to help her lose some baby weight after her second son turned four. When a friend introduced her to network marketing, she suddenly saw a way to live her dream of being a stay-at-home mom while helping others to achieve their more

Rising Star:
Applying the Slight Edge
Subscriber Only  | Rising Star
The Saunders were a typical busy family before they started their network marketing business just two years ago. Steve was putting in long days as a graphic designer, and Amber worked in a salon doing nails. They were desperate for a change when a longtime friend told them about a new business more

Free Training Articles

The Resilience Factor
Stanley Greene

When struggling with adversity, what enables some business people to snap back while others falter? The answer is resilience, a buzzword in business these days, often mentioned alongside core leadership qualities such as education, intelligence, analytic ability, and integrity.

Of the four qualities above, two are directly impacted by resilience: analytic ability and integrity. Thirty years of research indicate that more than any other factor, including intelligence and education, it's resilience that determines success. Steven Covey has shown how essential integrity is to business, and integrity begins with self-awareness and knowledge of your core values.

Resilience is a vast concept that plays out in all domains of our lives. Research has shown that it is actually made up of seven factors, or inner strengths—Emotion Regulation, Impulse Control, Causal Analysis, Self-efficacy, Realistic Optimism, Empathy, and Reaching Out... read more

8 Tips to Grow Followers and Skyrocket Engagement on Instagram
Tarlese Rideaux

Visual and mobile Marketing are HOT right now, and the best part about it is that they're nothing new. "A picture is worth a thousand words" has never rung more true.

Do you remember Show and Tell when you were younger? You couldn't wait to go to the front of the class and share whatever was new, fun, and exciting, right? I bet all the other children ooh'ed and aah'ed over it. This is exactly what Instagram is now offering.

I began marketing on Instagram as a complete accident, but in just a few short months, it turned into a personal goldmine; I currently manage six separate Instagram accounts with a following of just under 20,000 targeted followers.

I've realized as my account has grown and I continue to help others succeed with Instagram, there are a few crucial steps everyone needs to follow in order to be successful with this exciting new tool... read more

Why Owning a Business Is a Must to Prosper in the New Economy
Harry Dent

In this short video, Harry Dent offers a refreshingly positive view of our economic future and the network marketing profession. He helps you understand the changes ahead and chart a course to achieve the financial security and prosperity you desire. Harry's purpose is to help entrepreneurs save money and become wealthy by accurately forecasting major economic events over the years.

Harry Dent - Your Boom Ahead video

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