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May/Jun 2015 is all about Financial Fitness and daily habits or "exercise" this requires.

Orrin Woodward explains how network marketing allows us to Escape the Financial Matrix.

Sandy Botkin helps us Be Prepared for retirement and John Solleder shows how to take care of a 4-Generation Family.

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Networking Times Highlights

Flex Those Muscles
- Susan Sly
Much like getting that physical workout in, flexing our financial muscles, as painful as that may sometimes be, is imperative for financial health.

Celebrating Mark Yarnell (1950-2015)
- Valerie Bates
Business and life tips from a bestselling author and network marketing legend.

The Great Connector
- Jim Lupkin
Facebook gives you access to well over a billion people. By using Graph Search, you can easily find commonalities with many of them.

Lead Interview:
Escaping the Financial Matrix
Subscriber Only

Orrin Woodward | Lead Interview

Orrin Woodward is one of the most influential leadership experts of our time. He has sold over one million books, including New York Times bestsellers Launching a Leadership Revolution and LeaderShift. In his soon to be released book, The Financial Matrix, Orrin applies his vast experience and more

Master Networker:
Lighting the Path
Subscriber Only Steve Fisher | Master Networker
Currently a top earner in his company, Steve Fisher understands what it feels like not to have instant success in network marketing. Today he uses his success story to help others develop long-term vision for their businesses. Always ready to share, Steve has condensed his twenty years of more

Master Networker:
Creating Shares of Life
Subscriber Only John and Tiffaney Malott | Master Networker
John and Tiffaney Malott are top earners in a skincare company that does more than $1 billion in retail product sales. The company launched in 2005 and started a network marketing division in 2011. Recognizing a ground floor opportunity and attracted by the product's wow-factor, the Malotts joined more

Master Networker:
The Journey That Makes Us
Subscriber Only Kenny Lloyd | Master Networker
Based in Texas, Kenny Lloyd was introduced to networking marketing while thriving in the mortgage industry. Seeing no reason to change careers, Kenny continued down the same path, until his business collapsed in 2008. Son of the late Earl Lloyd, Kenny inherited from his father the value of honor. more

Master Networker:
Be Kind to Others
Subscriber Only Keith Halls | Master Networker
Keith Halls began his career serving as a senior vice president, original shareholder, and member of the board of directors of a network marketing giant. After 15 years he quit his corporate job and became a distributor, building three international downlines of over 100,000 people. Keith joined more

Rising Star:
You Deserve It!
Subscriber Only Tara Cooper | Rising Star
Based in Ontario, Canada, Tara Cooper is a young mother of three and one of the top income earners in her company. When Tara joined her company in 2009, she was a stay-at-home mom with a 2-year-old and a 6-month-old. She was also a struggling part-time elementary school teacher, until a friend more

Free Training Articles

The Resilience Factor
Stanley Greene

When struggling with adversity, what enables some business people to snap back while others falter? The answer is resilience, a buzzword in business these days, often mentioned alongside core leadership qualities such as education, intelligence, analytic ability, and integrity.

Of the four qualities above, two are directly impacted by resilience: analytic ability and integrity. Thirty years of research indicate that more than any other factor, including intelligence and education, it's resilience that determines success. Steven Covey has shown how essential integrity is to business, and integrity begins with self-awareness and knowledge of your core values.

Resilience is a vast concept that plays out in all domains of our lives. Research has shown that it is actually made up of seven factors, or inner strengths—Emotion Regulation, Impulse Control, Causal Analysis, Self-efficacy, Realistic Optimism, Empathy, and Reaching Out... read more

8 Tips to Grow Followers and Skyrocket Engagement on Instagram
Tarlese Rideaux

Visual and mobile Marketing are HOT right now, and the best part about it is that they're nothing new. "A picture is worth a thousand words" has never rung more true.

Do you remember Show and Tell when you were younger? You couldn't wait to go to the front of the class and share whatever was new, fun, and exciting, right? I bet all the other children ooh'ed and aah'ed over it. This is exactly what Instagram is now offering.

I began marketing on Instagram as a complete accident, but in just a few short months, it turned into a personal goldmine; I currently manage six separate Instagram accounts with a following of just under 20,000 targeted followers.

I've realized as my account has grown and I continue to help others succeed with Instagram, there are a few crucial steps everyone needs to follow in order to be successful with this exciting new tool... read more

Why Owning a Business Is a Must to Prosper in the New Economy
Harry Dent

In this short video, Harry Dent offers a refreshingly positive view of our economic future and the network marketing profession. He helps you understand the changes ahead and chart a course to achieve the financial security and prosperity you desire. Harry's purpose is to help entrepreneurs save money and become wealthy by accurately forecasting major economic events over the years.

Harry Dent - Your Boom Ahead video

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