QuantumThink It - Reading the Energies of the Time

by Dianne Collins

The world lives by trends called "cycles"—and cycles are all about timing and energy shifts. When times of transition are upon us, it is important to read not just the outer, obvious economic and political trends, it’s imperative that we read the subtler energy trends. Why is this so important? Energy shapes action.

Millions of people from countries throughout the world are infused with enthusiasm for the new year. Individual reasons are many yet there is something larger in the air and most of us know it. This is not only the beginning of a new kind of leadership, it is an official beginning of a new moment for humanity, a great awakening for all of us—if we pay attention, if we read the energies, and if we step into it. Optimism bears fruit from enlightened action.

Examine your own response to what’s going on now. Are you worried and concerned? hopeful and optimistic? A little of all of the above? Conditioned by old world view thinking one tends to get swept up into the obviousness of the circumstances and outer chaos which can take your mind (if you let it) on a wild, frenzied ride.

However, when we "QuantumThink-It" we focus on the bigger picture, attentive to the context in which the changes are occurring. Energy trends are a form of intelligence with specific and useful information. With awakened thinking we can see beyond pundits’ and politicians’ cries of economic doom and gloom to grasp the subtleties of what this cycle of energy is guiding us to do.

Why is it so important to read the energies? Because when we look from the larger perspective we can move forward with more expansive knowledge and this means we act with confidence, conviction, and wisdom.

It doesn’t take special talent or genius to see that our current systems have reached their limit of effectiveness. Anyone can see that restructuring is the order of the day, no longer an option but a...

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