Working Leads: Productivity versus Activity

by Mark Helsel

I spoke with her on a cold January morning and she left me with an experience Iíll never forget. She was my first call of the morning. I was just getting started and still feeling a little sleepy. After a few sips of my morning brew I dialed her number. She answered and I said, "Good morning, Mary. This is Mark Helsel and Iím calling because you have expressed and interest in learning how to make money at home with your own business."

She quickly interrupted me. "Hold on just a minute. Before you go in to your big pitch, does this business of yours require any time, money or effort? Caught completely off guard, I intuitively responded, "Well, yes, of course." She quickly responded, "Then Iím not interested," and she hung up on me. That woke me up, in more ways than one.

Have you ever run in to a person like Mary? The truth is, they are everywhere, especially if you are working with leads. I paid hard-earned dollars for Maryís contact information and within 15 seconds my money was down the drain.

At the time, that really upset me. It bothered me all day. I had a bad attitude because of Mary. I told people for weeks about her. At times I thought about calling her back just to tell her how idiotic her question to me was. I couldnít believe what a total waste of my time and money she was to me. Or was she?

You see, Iíve learned over the years that I get paid for my activity. Some would argue this point so let me explain. Mary was just one of my calls that particular day. By my standards, she was very unrealistic. Her question to me then, and still today, seems ridiculous. In my early years I would have let it bother me.

But today I would look at it as just another call along the way. I wouldnít give it a second thought. Next! My activity, whether Iím talking to Mary, or Iím talking to my next superstar is all the same. I donít get emotionally attached. I just do the work and good things always seem to happen.

Working leads can be fun and very rewarding, especially if you understand how the lead business works and have a steady source of qualified people to talk to. One of my favorite things to do is to train people on how to work leads effectively. Itís more of a mental challenge than anything else. Once you learn how, you can literally create your own paycheck. It simply becomes a mathematical equation.

Hereís a good example: if I told you that I would pay you 100K per year to call leads 5 days a week for 5 hours a day would you be interested? Maybe, right?

What if I added that I didnít care whether you sold anything to them, or not and that I just cared that you called them. Would that make it a little easier? In other words, your job was to just call and not worry about the results. Now are you a little more interested? I would think so.

Now, letís say you accepted the job. Every day you just called the leads and you honestly didnít care about the results because your pay wasnít even associated with the results. Would you get upset when someone said they didnít want to hear about your offer? I doubt it. Would you care if someone hung up on you? Donít think so. Would you get mad when you got an answering machine? Who cares, right?

Are you following this? You got paid for your activity, not your results. Now, here is the kicker: you would get the results along the way! Some people would want to hear what you had to offer. They would be like "icing on the cake".

That is the mentality I developed over the years. When I took the emotion of fear and failure out of the equation, everything changed for me. It was a true breakthrough. If you havenít made that breakthrough yet, Iíd like to help you get there.

Iíve got an upcoming webinar at Networking University where I will spend an hour on this subject. I will talk about the lead industry and how it works. I will talk about different types of leads and various sources, but, most importantly, I will show you how to turn leads in to profits. Learning this will open up a whole new era for your business.

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