Let Family and Friends Support You, Not Defeat You!
A Rejection-Proof Approach to Win the New Game Network Marketing!

by Mitch Axelrod

It's estimated that more than 100 million people have invested time and money in a network marketing business. In the US, 13 million are currently in the game, yet only five percent of those playing the game are earning enough money to call it a living.

In my forthcoming book, The NEW Game of Network Marketing, I call residual income . . .

"Retirement Insurance" for the NEW Game of Money!

Despite the growing acceptance that residual income is more important than ever to achieve financial independence, success in network marketing has not changed much in 50 years since the model was first employed. Why have so many people come and gone?

Many will tell you that family and friends contributed to them leaving the industry. They can be hazardous to your business health. Well-meaning or otherwise, family and friends drive many people out of business and especially, out of network marketing. Often they throw cold water on the fires of passion and drain the energy and excitement you need to succeed.

Lasting business success does not come from approaching family and friends to be in your business. Don't approach them to join your venture. Most won't. Some will actually do more to sabotage than support your success. Those who want to join you will emerge, and you won't have to pitch them or persuade them.

Don't go for family and friends directly.
Instead, approach them to network!
Go for their circles of influence.

You lower resistance and eliminate rejection when you stop trying to persuade family and convince friends to be in business with you. If you opened a restaurant, boutique or retail store, would you ask your family and friends to partner with you? Probably not. If there is someone who is suited, committed and ready to be in business with you, approach that person. Usually, he or she is the exception, not the rule.

Instead, network with them. Network with all of them.

A rejection-proof strategy that will increase your network-ability and market-ability is to tell everyone you meet . . .

who you are looking for!

Family and friends are a potential gold mine of networking opportunity. They can make a great contribution to your business if you network with them, rather than try to recruit them. You already know most aren't interested. Why alienate people, when so many of them can be great network resources for you?

Those who say, "I am the person you are looking for," or, "This is something I want to look at for me!" will emerge and be stronger candidates. If they aren't interested, they can still recommend and introduce you to others who are interested and who would be good candidates. That is, if they don't feel pitched, pressured or recruited.

Everyone has a circle of influence. It's much easier to ask people, "Who do you know?" than to convince them your business is for them.

To make sure family and friends support you and don't defeat you -
stop pitching them on your business!
Instead, network with them. Tell everyone you meet . . .

who you are looking for!

Then ask, "Who do you know?"

Give your family and friends an easy way to support you, not defeat you. Many can be great resources. Some will become your best customers. A few will make you financially independent. One of them can make you rich.

Change the game. Play the new game of network marketing!

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