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March 2017 Issue
"How Do We Grow a Customer-Driven Business?"

Everyone knows customers are the lifeblood of any business. In network marketing, we often focus on recruiting business builders, at the expense of acquiring and retaining customers. It's one of the main reasons companies become the targets of regulators. So how do you get customers? And how do you keep them happy and buying? We invited business leaders to share their answers so we can all learn from each other:

  • Tom Schreiter, The Big “If” Statement That Sells
  • Ellen Struber, Above All Be a Friend
  • LeeAnne Hayden, Help People Feel Better
  • Eric Worre, Customers or Recruiting?
  • Dr. Doug Firebaugh, The 7 Values of a Customer
  • Jenny Rose Heartsong, Sell a Bright Future
  • Donna Valdes, Customers Are Waiting for You
  • Simon Chan, Support Your Customers
  • Todd Falcone, The Customer Is Always Right

January 2017 Issue
"How do you love what you do—even when facing challenges?"
Every business builder agrees, "Loving what you do" is paramount in creating growth and attracting others. In this column we asked network marketing leaders, "What are some of the coping mechanisms that have worked for you, or daily habits that keep you in good spirits throughout the ups and downs of building your business?" Here is what they said:

  • Kimmy Brooke, Dirt in Your Ears
  • Debi Granite, The Struggle Is Real
  • Adewale Adebusoye, Action Steps for Tough Times
  • Nichele Robinson, A Vision Bigger Than Yourself
  • Rob Sperry, Love Conquers All Fear
  • Denice Chenault, Progress, Not Perfection
  • Jeffery Coombs, The Inner Game
  • Jennie Potter, Soak Up the Sun and the Rain
  • Pamela Barnum, Rekindle Your Passion
  • Dr. Doug Firebaugh, Love Is Power
  • Jackie Christiansen, Mindset and Preparation

June 2016 Issue
"How does your business allow you to live your purpose?"

  • Alexis Romano, Who Will Be Next?
  • Gene Maxon Adigu, The Most Awesome Gift
  • Bridget Cavanaugh, Patience, Pain, Practice
  • Judy O’Higgins, Soul/Sole Purpose
  • Janine Finney, What Makes You Come Alive?
  • Vijay Eswaran, The Magic of Purpose
  • Rachiele David, Live to Inspire Others
  • Greg Greenough, Planting Trees
  • Swarna Krishnan, Empowering Africans to Dream
  • Dr. Doug Firebaugh, Purpose Drives Us

May 2016 Issue
"How do we evolve the network marketing model for future generations?"

  • Ali Mehdaoui, The Fearless Generation
  • Michelle Van Etten, Our with the Old, In with the New
  • Joshua Peart, Rather Die Than Be Unpopular
  • Maria Ghaderi, A Way to Thrive
  • Zachary Gafford, Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs
  • Wes Linden, University Dropout to Universe Traveler
  • Katie Ritz, Preparing for Gen Z

April 2016 Issue
"How Has Technology Changed Your Business?"

  • Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, A Better Way
  • Carrie Dickie, Intention and Discipline
  • Kathleen Deggelman, A Wealth of Tools
  • Jackie Ulmer, Effective Social Networking
  • Alex Morton, Some Things Never Change
  • Cindra Caverley, Find Your Tribe
  • Debi Granite, Stay Conscious and Focused
  • Nattida and Chad Chong, Grow and Embrace Change
  • Shari Kuster, Let’s Connect!
  • Ali Mehdaoui, Network Marketing is the Next Normal
  • John Haremza, Same Message, More Power
  • Simon Chan, 5 Rules to Avoid Distraction
  • Luke Hessler, Start the Conversation
  • Hayley Hobson, Don’t let Success Feed Your Ego
  • Rob Sperry, Greatest Tool—or Kiss of Death?

March 2016 Issue
"How Do We Harness the Power of Emotion?"

  • Doug Firebaugh, The Magnetism of Recruiting
  • Julie Miller-Hansberry, Are You Emotionally Connected to Your Business?
  • Ferdinand Tolentino, The Power of Positivity
  • Walter Nusbaum, Make Your Offer Emotionally Compelling
  • Pamela Barnum, Help Others Find Their Purpose

February 2016 Issue
"How do we create an inclusive culture?"
If network marketing leaders could build a stronger culture of inclusion (instead of inadvertently alienating certain groups of people), do you think their teams would grow more quickly? In this column we asked leaders what steps we can take to recognize unconscious bias, embrace differences, and promote inclusion.

  • Mark Parsekian, A Culture Based on Global Friendships
  • Marijke Beerens Long, Come from a Place of Equality
  • Ray Flynn, Diversity at Boston City Hall and in Life
  • Dennis Kluver, Offering Hope to the World
  • Kimmy Brooke, a Feeling of Belonging...
  • Simon Chan, 5 Pillars of a Winning Team Culture

January 2016 Issue
"How Do We Step up Our Game as Coaches?"
Ray Higdon, My Top 6 Coaching Tips
Denice Chenault, Start with Yourself
Sonia Stringer, Training vs. Transformation
Simon Chan, 10 Steps to Be a Better Coach
Andrea Boulder, Athlete to Entrepreneur
Leslie Hocker, Empower Your Team
Joseph Bismark, Custom Coaching
Lisa Jimenez, Total Immersion Coaching
Pasha Carter, From "Me" to "We"
Kimmy & Richard Brooke, A Quantum Leap Approach
Brian Carruthers, Are You Coachable?

June 2015 Issue
"How do we cultivate an abundance mindset?"
Barry Borthistle, Become an Enlarger of People
Richard & Kimmy Brooke, Be Generous and Look for the Gold
Gene Adigu, What You Think Is What You See
Marion Culhane, Love Attracts, Fear Repels
Todd Falcone, The Abundant Networker
Loren Robin, Swim and Dive Deep
Frank Keefer, A Fait Accompli
Doug Firebaugh, What Is Your Heart Set On?
Don Karn, Financial Abundance Across the Century

May 2015 Issue
"How do you find—and become—a great mentor?"
Ferdinand Tolentino, Life Is Full of Mentors
Richard and Kimmy Brooke, 5 Traits of a Mentor
Fatemi Ghani, Guidance and Education
Meredith Berkich, 4 Qualities of Successful Mentorship
Vijay Eswaran, Service above Self
Valerie Bates, The Critical Role of Mentors
Tony and Randi Escobar, Engage a Skilled Mentor
Joseph T. Bismark, Be Accountable and Expect Greatness
Lisa Wilber, Learn, Grow, and Share
Simon Chan, 7 Steps for Faster Growth
Jeff Olson, Apprentice Yourself
Shauna Ekstrom, Heartfelt Network Marketing

April 2015 Issue
Social media is changing how we do business...
Amber Voight, Top 3 Mistakes
Meredith Berkich, Achieve Mastery in Every Aspect of Your Biz
Jim Lupkin, Attracting Prospects on Facebook
Simon Chan, 10 Biggest Mistakes Distributors Make
Jackie Ulmer, Launching Your Biz with Social Media

February 2015 Issue
How does network marketing make you better?
Doug Firebaugh, Robin Mascari, Gene Adigu, Kimber King, Mark Ferreira, Dee Hutchins, Ray Higdon, Tara Cooper, Jeff Combs, John & Romi Neustadt, Roanne Bacchus, Sean Escobar,Keith Halls, Janine Finney, Evan Klassen

January 2015 Issue
How do you practice servant leadership?
Dr. Vijay Eswaran, The Five Qualities of a Servant Leader
Mariela Elorduy Blackaller, A Win-Win Formula
Scott Myrick, The Golden Rule
Joseph T. Bismark, Are You the Leader You Want to Follow?
Ron Forrester and Leslie Hocker, Love Serving Others
Donna Valdes, You Deserve—If You First Serve
Bo Short, Character Rules
Ian Davies, Share Your Life with Others
Cherian Mathew, A Business Based on Service

June 2014 Issue
How do you become an effective teacher?
Ryan Chamberlin, Teachers Earn More
Nikita Sirohi, A Life-Transforming Education
Chris Widener, Three Things I Learned from Zig Ziglar and Jim Rohn
Hilde Rismyhr-Saele, Practice What You Preach
Don Karn, Learn Success, Then Duplicate
Mark Fournier, “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing…”
Alexis Romano, From Textbooks to Systems
Mikko Jarrah, Attract a Great Teacher, Then Become One Yourself
Dr. Marie Benoit, Act as the Leader You Aspire to Be
Brian Carruthers, Tell, Show, Try, Do
Sarah Robbins, Invest Wisely—Plug In!
Travis and Summer Flaherty, Half Leadership, Half Followship

May 2014 Issue
How does network marketing fit onto the sharing economy?
Dana Collins, The Original Sharing Business
Doug Firebaugh, The Psychology of Sharing
Jay and Cindy Jenkins, Meeting Each Others’ Needs
Loren Robin, We Are the Future
Graham Park, Power to the People
Jezie Nzomiwu, Sharing Creates Synergy
Evan Klassen, Small Is the New Big
Tom Justin, Share Your Way to Wealth
Teri Werner, The Currency of Sharing
Mark Herdering, Share That Which You Seek

April 2014 Issue
What are the biggest benefits and caveats of partnerships?
Donna Johnson and Thomas Tidlund, Growing Together
Marian and Glenn Head, with Gail Hoag, Best Friends Forever
Kevin Barnum and Mike Dallaire, From Searching for Survivors to Growing Millionaires
Steven and Kori Burgess, Celebrate Team Work
Paula Foeller and Mitch Spangler, Bridging Geographical Distance
Judy O’Higgins, Kristi Lee and Karen Palmer, Triple Strength
Tommy Wyatt, Do Network Marketing Partnerships Work?
Cathy and Bernie Dohmann, In Sickness and in Health
Andrew Warburton, White Page Love
Nattida and Chad Chong, You Got Me before "Hello"
Wes Linden, Partnerships...When You Don´t Have One!

March 2014 Issue
How did you become a master storyteller?
Marissa McDonough, Use Stories to Handle Objections
Frank Keefer, Stick to the Truth, Come from the Heart
Stephanie Davis, The Richer Your Stories, the Bigger Your Wallet
Jackie Ulmer, Share Your Stories to Build Your Online Brand
Wes Linden, Bring People Together with Relatable Stories
Presley Swagerty, Facts Tell, Stories Sell
Margie Aliprandi, Connecting Mind to Heart
Susan Sly, The Greatest Storyteller in the Room
Sarah Robbins, How to Share Your Story on Social Media
Jordan Adler, Nine Traits for a Memorable Story
Richard Brooke, Expect Them to Win

February 2014 Issue
How does your business help you create balance?
Michelle Fraser, Applying Focus
Julie Henderson, Communicate, Plan, Be Grateful
Laura Holbrook, Raising Children and a Team
Udana Power, Delve Deeply Inside
Janine Finney and Lory Muirhead, Freedom and Flexibility
Tina Beer, Be Your Message
Rosalie Elliott, Strengthen Your Core
Mariela Elorduy Blackaller, A Better World
Sara Marble, Family Rules
Linda Proctor, What Do You Love Doing?
Maureen Alice Torr, Find Wisdom and Strength
Sarah Robbins, The Starving Baker
Megan Wolfenden, Freedom to Choose
Debi Granite, Monitor Your Thoughts
Pamela Barnum, A Fairy Tale
Rachelle Castor, Calibrate on Collaboration
Hilde Rismyhr Sæle, Constant Motion
Violet Ikahu, A Simple Formula

January 2014 Issue
Why Customers?
Laura Harry, The Mortar between the Bricks
Tommy Wyatt, Common Sense Isn’t Always Common Practice
Corey Citron, The Seven Reasons
Louisa Dykstra, Appreciate Your Customers
Lisa M. Wilber, A Service and Relationship Business
Bob Quintana, The Key to Residual Income
MariaMarta Alfaro Chamberlain, Start with Customers
Ib Nielsen, Customers Create Loyalty
Wendy Livingstone, Customer Service Pays
Loren Robin, Support Everyone on Your Team
Sarah Maclsaac, Do Unto Others...
Jen Fitzgerald, Making It Fun!
Jacki Smith, An Endless Circle
Vidar Haugan, Customer Is King
Dr. Laura Aridgides, Build Relationships with Your Customers
Onyx Coale, The Lifeblood of Your Business
Marge Berger, The MLM Customer Circle
Lynn Huber, Why Customers are Important to Your Home Business
Lynn Selwa, The Secret to Automatic Income

June 2013 Issue
Are Network Marketers Social Entrepreneurs?
Tony and Randi Escobar, The Privilege of Serving Others
Ana Garcia, Change Your Mind, Change the World
Denny and Merlie Kluver, Multilevel Benefits
Marijke Long, A Sanctuary in the Jungle
Jordan Adler, Let the Money Flow
Megan and Anthony Wolfenden, Service Breeds Happiness
Sarah Fairless Robbins, Changing Lives Beyond Our Own
Billy Looper, My First Bike
Cecilia Stoll, Influence with Purpose
Donna Johnson, Give and Grow Rich
Leah Wagner Leonard, Teaching People How to Fish
Marion Culhane, The Call of Social Entrepreneurism
Carolyne Rodrigues, Grateful for My Why
Ron and Lois Zehr, We Are Change Agents
Bob Quintana, The Most Fulfilling Profession
David Frey, Five Lessons in Social Entrepreneurship
Dana Wilde, Start Small Fatemi Ghani, Helping Blind Children
Caroline McFarlan, A Better Way to Fundraise

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