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February 2010 Issue
The Pygmalion Effect
by Art Jonak
If you expect higher results, your distributors will rise to the occasion.

June 2009 Issue
Are Relatives and Friends Hard to Sponsor?
by Art Jonak
Simply offer the opportunity and educate those who want to know more.

May 2009 Issue
The True Leverage of Network Marketing
by Art Jonak
Why it pays to give every prospect a fair chance.

April 2009 Issue
The True Meaning of Residual Income
by Art Jonak
Why your business is worth more in a down economy.

March 2009 Issue
Facts Tell, Stories Sell
by Art Jonak
Why good storytellers make the most money in network marketing.

February 2009 Issue
Count Your Leaders
by Art Jonak
To thrive in network marketing, build leaders and make them successful.

April 2008 Issue
Prospects Look for Leaders
by Art Jonak
Why earning large bonus checks is easier than you think.

March 2008 Issue
What Your Prospects Really Want to Know
by Art Jonak
Share success stories about how you have helped others make it to the top.

February 2008 Issue
Offer Training
by Art Jonak
Focus on teaching skills and you’ll get a lot more distributors—and a lot less rejection.

June 2007 Issue
Tell a Story
by Art Jonak
The best way to get your prospect's attention is to begin with a story.

May 2007 Issue
What’s Your Internet Strategy?
by Art Jonak
How networkers can get results using the online social media.

March 2007 Issue
Why Do People Join Our Business?
by Art Jonak
How to warm up cold leads.

January 2007 Issue
Not All Leads Are Created Equal
by Art Jonak
The five critical factors for evaluating leads.

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