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Keith Halls

Keith Halls

Keith Halls was one of the seven original owners/founders of NuSkin Enterprises. From 1984 till 2001, he worked there as Senior Vice President and a member of the Board of Directors.

However, after seventeen years and at the height of his success, Keith left the corporate side of network marketing to become a distributor. With no plans to join any specific company, he decided after signing distributor checks for seventeen years he wanted to be the one receiving the checks.
After looking around for a year and a half, he finally joined a company in October 2002. His first nine months were some of the most difficult months in his life. Expecting to succeed right away, Keith was failing miserable, facing objections, rejections, and open humiliation.

After nine months of working nearly eighty hours a week, Keith hadn't even earned $3,000. Just at the point of quitting and giving up on his dreams, things changed...for the worse. His wife left him and he found himself at the end of hope. He went to bed one night, begging God to take him home. That night Keith had two dreams that changed his life—and the lives of millions of other people.

The next morning he sat down and wrote The 9 Rules of Success. Keith began following the nine rules and teaching them to his downline.
Less than one year later, Keith was earning over $100,000 a month, and his check kept growing. The first person he taught the nine rules to, earned over a million dollars in his first year. The second person he taught them to earned over a million dollars in her first eighteen months. Keith learned how to succeed through the hardships of life. He faced numerous obstacles from childhood poverty to health problems such as a brain tumor that left him speechless for over a year. He underwent ten abdominal surgeries and lived through the loss of family members. The nine rules will teach you how to succeed in network marketing as well as in life. By learning and implementing each rule in your every area of your life, you will be able to overcome the obstacles and achieve the success only a few have ever achieved.

Networking Trainers Article
How to Build a Strong Belief System
by Keith Halls

Over the years, I have watched hundreds of distributors plan and deliver wonderful presentations. Many captured my attention with an excellent presentation. Yet at the moment of truth, the time to ask for the sale or ask someone to sign an application, often the presenter stalls. Why do so many presenters lack confidence and finish without asking for the sale?

It usually is because they don't believe in the product, in the company, or possibly in themselves. You can't sell someone something you don't believe in.

If you want to succeed, if you want to make the sale, if you want to sign up a new distributor, you must have a strong belief system. Why is this important? Because if you truly believe in something, it will spur you on to actions, and your actions will be filled with excitement and enthusiasm so contagious that others will want to join you. Here are four key areas in which you must develop a belief system in order to succeed in network marketing... read more

Products by Keith Halls:

 9 Rules Total Kit - book, workbook, and 9 DVDs
9 Rules Total Kit - book, workbook, and 9 DVDs
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