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Garrett McGrath

Garrett McGrath

Garrett McGrath has over 20 years of experience as a top network marketing professional. Elected President of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals (ANMP) in 2012, Mr. McGrath is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, leadership trainer and team-builder.

Mr. McGrath has built organizations in excess of 100,000+ distributors in 21 countries worldwide, together with his wife and business partner, Sylvia, and has served as Master Distributor for four network marketing companies over the past 20 years. The McGraths have worked side-by-side since 1999 and together provide unique leadership training, coaching and personal development to network marketing professionals through an original series of international daily live broadcasts, live events, videos, mentorship, tools and training systems.

The McGraths have also produced numerous videos, CDs, guidebooks and marketing tools for large network marketing organizations. They are the Founders of Team Inspirit, a leadership training and personal development organization, and Founding Ambassadors for the network marketing company they represent.

Together with the Executive Team and Board of Directors of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals, the McGraths are elevating the entire profession to a whole new level of public awareness, credibility, partnerships, education, service and global reach.

May/Jun 2017 Issue
The Importance of Customers
by Garrett McGrath
What would happen if everyone on your team added three new customers every month? How much growth would you see? You, your team, your company, the regulators—everyone would be happy!

May/Jun 2015 Issue
Escaping the Financial Matrix
by Garrett McGrath
Orrin Woodward is one of the most influential leadership experts of our time. He has sold over one million books, including New York Times bestsellers Launching a Leadership Revolution and LeaderShift. In his soon to be released book, The Financial Matrix, Orrin applies his vast experience and knowledge of history and economics to provide educational resources for network marketing professionals with particular insight in and applicability to today’s economic issues.

Networking Trainers Article
What Is the ANMP and Why Should You Care?
by Garrett McGrath

By Garrett McGrath with Dr. Josephine Gross

Are you a member of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals? Given the recent success and continuing reverberation of the biggest international ANMP convention since the association's inception, we interviewed its president to help our readers understand what the ANMP is, who is involved, and why network marketing professionals from all over the world are excited to join. - J.G.

How did the idea of forming an association for network marketers originate?

The ANMP is a true grass-roots organization. Founded in 2004 by distributors and for distributors, it gradually expanded to include company owners and executives as well as other strategic partners of the global network marketing community.

The ANMP's goals have always been to ensure that all members of this community are served and supported. Over its nine-year history the association has focused on establishing professional standards and a code of conduct, educating companies and distributors about their responsibilities and rights, and teaching best practices. In addition to asking the question, "What does it mean to be a network marketing professional?" the ANMP has worked to help prevent or amend legislation that would be harmful to our businesses. It has drafted publications on these topics and has continually provided educational resources for anyone who is building a career in or generates an income from network marketing... read more

Networking Trainers Article
ANMP Special Webinar: Interview with Sarah Robbins
by Garrett McGrath

ANMP Special Webinar: Interview with Sarah Robbins

As part of our new Webinar Series offered by the Association for Network Marketing Professionals called Conversations with the Masters, ANMP President Garrett McGrath will conduct a 45-minute live interview with Master Networker Sarah Robbins, followed by a 15-min live Q&A where you will be able to ask directly to this top leader.

Sign up TODAY for this exclusive Webinar

Sarah Robbins is considered one of today's top network marketing professionals and trainers in the USA... read more

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