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Stephanie Ann Vehon

Stephanie Ann Vehon

Stephanie Ann VEHON has been student of fashion for over a decade. She got started in image consulting when she was a six-figure income earner in a leading network marketing company.

After regularly being approached for advice by colleagues and small business owners, Stephanie Ann launched Image Empowering in 2004.. Within her first year of business, she went international and retained clients globally.

Stephanie Ann also sits on the board for Dress for Success Southern Nevada and received an award for devotion to launching an organization. In 2012, she received her license as a Spiritual Practitioner.

Image Empowering is a full-service image-consulting firm that caters to men, women and children by empowering them to recognize their own personal style and the power that is as unique to them.

Stephanie takes into account everything from analyzing body types and facial features that might influence their fashion decisions to how to improve self-esteem, inner confidence, and overall self-love.

As a full service consulting firm, Image Empowering provides greater insight into developing a personal and professional brand that goes beyond choosing the right attire because image empowerment, Stephanie says, happens from the inside out.

In the last year Image Empowering has focused on helping people in network marketing find their light. People who have struggled with weight or body issues learn how to love their body and discover their unique image.

Clients working with Image Empowering have risen to top ranks within their company in shorter times. Stephanie recently authored an article featured in Networking Times titled, Why God Created Network Marketing.

Image Empowering’s vision: To connect people to their life and business owners to more clients through image.

Nov/Dec 2012 Issue
A Purpose Greater Than Ourselves
by Stephanie Ann Vehon
Five reasons why God created network marketing.

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