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Sarah Fairless Robbins

Sarah Fairless Robbins

SARAH FAIRLESS ROBBINS is a founding distributor and top earner in a young network marketing company. A former educator, Sarah is passionate about teaching others to build successful businesses. She and her husband live in Michigan and are supporting children through a foundation funded by their network marketing business.

Jul/Aug 2013 Issue
Compete Only with Yourself
by Sarah Fairless Robbins

Mar/Apr 2012 Issue
We Become What We Believe
by Sarah Fairless Robbins

Networking Trainers Article
How I Got There
by Sarah Fairless Robbins

I'm a formerly shy kindergarten teacher by trade, who was living in one of the more depressed economic areas in the country. I had just moved, just gotten married, just gotten my brand new job as a kindergarten teacher. I was in my twenties and broke—like most of my friends.

I loved teaching, but due to the economy I was facing job insecurity. This caused me to look for extra income, and my search led me to network marketing. From the outside, it may not have appeared we would have a high success rate. I certainly wouldn't have made someone's top-ten candidate list. But I was coachable, committed, and I was hungry for change... read more

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 Rock Star Recruiting School - 3-CD Audio Program
Rock Star Recruiting School - 3-CD Audio Program
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