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Katie Bain

Katie Bain

Nov/Dec 2011 Issue
Give More Than You Take
by Katie Bain
Danette and Ken Kroll lead a network marketing organization that spans all fifty states and includes teams in Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Danette, a former teacher, incorporates her skills as an educator to support and empower her team. Ken, a computer engineer and former network marketing skeptic, now freely contributes his technical talents as he enjoys the wealth of time the business has created in his life. Network marketing has made it possible for the Idaho-based couple to share their company’s culture of generosity with people around the world as their team continues to expand.

Jul/Aug 2011 Issue
Inspiring New Audiences
by Katie Bain
Jules Price is a Florida-based network marketer who leads a national team that consistently ranks among her company's top-producing organizations. Jules is also an accomplished professional singer who performs regularly in musical theater, concerts, and with the New York City Ballet. When she got into network marketing four years ago, Jules never anticipated that she would grow to love the business as much as she loved her singing career. In time, she came to realize that network marketing offered her an opportunity to align all her talents and become the businesswoman she had always dreamed of being.

May/Jun 2011 Issue
Carried by Grace
by Katie Bain
Steve and Beth Morgan are a Michigan-based Gen Y couple leading a network marketing organization of several thousand people in the U.S. and Canada. Along with building their business, they love being stay-at-home parents and home schooling their three young children. The life Steve and Beth have created was inconceivable to them nine years ago, when they were newly engaged and still living with their parents. They had no idea how to create the kind of wealth that would allow them to leave their dead-end jobs and create financial freedom.

Mar/Apr 2011 Issue
A Business with a Roadmap
by Katie Bain
Onyx Coale is a radiantly fit and happy single mother of three young girls. She also leads a large network marketing organization with teams throughout North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. Having been in the business for only five years, Onyx attributes her rapid success to her fearless nature, her willingness to make mistakes and learn from them, and her knack for turning strangers into friends. Today Onyx continues to follow her passion, which is to grow the leadership, influence and economic power of women.

Jan/Feb 2011 Issue
Cultivating Independent Leaders
by Katie Bain
Born and raised in Chennai, India, Mahendra Kumar is a committed family man and team builder who leads a network marketing organization of several hundred thousand across the Middle East and Asia. As a young man, Mahendra had moved to Bahrain, looking for greater prosperity. While he succeeded in raising his income level, his life remained challenging due to the country’s high cost of living. In 2000, when a colleague introduced him to network marketing, Mahendra was ready for a change. Through hard work and focus, he and his wife Chandrika transformed their financial situation within a year.

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