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Joelle Jay, Ph.D.

Joelle Jay, Ph.D.

Sep/Oct 2011 Issue
Create a Mastermind
by Joelle Jay, Ph.D.
Six steps to start a peer mentoring group that works for you.

Sep/Oct 2010 Issue
Find Your Leadership Edge
by Joelle Jay, Ph.D.
Learn how to balance your inner and outer focus.

Networking Trainers Article
Work Less to Achieve More
by Joelle Jay, Ph.D.

It seems today everyone is busier than ever. Higher standards, innovation, day-to-day operations, future planning, business travel, competition, family obligations and the details of daily life all combine to create the kind of pressure that, as one business leader put it, makes it hard to breathe. Anyone who suffers a scarcity of time must learn to be more effective in their use of time or risk becoming victims of their own success.

The solution? Stop trying to go faster, and instead maximize the time you have so you’re more productive. Yes, it is possible, and the benefit is that as you gain productivity, you actually work less.... read more

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