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Rosie Bank

Rosie Bank

Rosie Bank is the author of You, Inc. Own Your Business, Own Your Life through Network Marketing. As the founder of Manifesting Vision International, Rosie has dedicated herself to mastering the craft of network marketing and teaching it to others. Her commitment is to her own on-going personal and professional development as a way to provide authentic training and support to the network marketing community that includes and goes beyond her own organization. Rosie believes that the more of us who get that golden ring called freedom, the more credible the entire industry is for others who are seeking alternatives and relief. As an entrepreneur since 1973, Rosie has had two careers. In her first, which spanned over thirty years, Rosie was a Rolfer and taught body therapy, yoga, and movement. She wrote Bodies, Health, and Consciousness, and Lessons in Embodiment. She led groups and individuals and spoke throughout the body therapy and yoga community. Rosie gave the keynote presentation to the California Massage Therapy Association and taught courses at the Rolf Institute (Boulder), the Body Therapy Center (Palo Alto), and many other educational facilities throughout the United States and in Mexico. In 1999 Rosie took her love of business, her commitment to helping others live more successfully in their bodies and her passion for teaching, and crafted her new career in network marketing, specializing in nutrition. She is a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant. Rosie provides a weekly webinar entitled "Your Time, Your Health, and Your Money" and a monthly webinar entitled "Feel Great Lose Weight." Rosie is an active member of Toastmasters International. She is committed to serving as many in the field of network marketing as possible. Her book and seminars are generic to the industry and specific to the success of each associate with whom she works and who she trains.At Rosie provides free Special Reports and an inspiring newsletter to her friends, colleagues, and students in network marketing.

Mar/Apr 2012 Issue
Take Charge and Shine
by Rosie Bank
Network marketing allows men and women to embrace their drive to develop leadership qualities in themselves and in others.

Nov/Dec 2011 Issue
Whatís Special About You?
by Rosie Bank
Instead of asking why you canít do something, learn to ask yourself empowering questions for better business results.

Jul/Aug 2011 Issue
A Core Concept of Financial Survival
by Rosie Bank

Sep/Oct 2010 Issue
Thank God for Jobs!
by Rosie Bank
The multiple benefits of combining employment with a home-based business.

Networking Trainers Article
How to Distinquish Yourself in Network Marketing
by Rosie Bank

There are three assumptions you should make as you build your network marketing business.

Assumption #1: There are lots of other people who are building network marketing businesses.

Assumption #2: People who are considering your products and services are probably also talking with your competitors.

Assumption #3: Your prospects are comparing your products and services on-line, reading reviews, and enabling themselves to be about a hundred times more educated than the average consumer was before the advent of the Internet, Yelp, Word press andFacebook.

Six Ways to Stand Out in the Crowd more

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