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Julie Anne Jones

Julie Anne Jones

Julie Anne Jones is a direct sales consultant and trainer, an ICF accredited life and business coach, and the CEO of Julie Anne Jones, Inc. She is known for her authentic and easy-to-use scripting and specializes in specific language and tools for success in direct sales.

Julie Anne combines her training in leadership, her natural communication skills, her coaching training, and her dynamic, sometimes outrageous personality into a very direct, entertaining and fun training experience. As a former Direct Sales professional, Julie Anne worked a party plan business for several years, consistently holding three parties per week and winning national awards yearly. She also worked within a multi-level marketing structure, building a National team through internet networking.

Over the past six years, she has become a sought after corporate consultant and trainer, bringing her unique style to corporate events throughout the United States and Canada. She loves sharing her information, whether it’s from the stage or through her webinar and tele-seminar training platforms.

Julie Anne prides herself on her ability to incorporate solid training concepts around personal development, coaching skills, direct sales leadership, party presentation and host coaching into a very unique style. With her degree in theatre, her passion for performing shines through when she’s training. At any given moment she may use gentle sarcasm to make a point or burst into song to get her audience’s attention!

Julie Anne is a single mom and lives in Walla Walla, Washington with her two sons Samuel, 15, and Eli, 12. She has a degree in theatre and loves to sing. She says if she were 20 years younger she says she knows she would be the next American Idol (or at least make it to Hollywood!).

Outside the realm of Direct Sales training, Julie Anne also offers inspirational training on goal setting and personal fulfillment. Julie Anne is available for full and half day trainings as well as convention keynote addresses and break-out session.

Jul/Aug 2010 Issue
Make It About Them
by Julie Anne Jones
Learn the language that communicates curiosity and caring.

Networking Trainers Article
The Art of Authentic Listening
by Julie Anne Jones
Just be yourself! Has anyone ever said that to you? I heard it all the time when I was a kid, followed by assurances from my mother that everyone would like me if I could (just be myself).

And you know what? She was right! What Im told over and over again in my travels as a trainer and as I interact through social media is that people love my authenticity. I show up as who I am, whether Im on stage or off. Im honest about...

Networking Trainers Article
Are You Flying by the Seat of Your Pants?
by Julie Anne Jones
One of the benefits to being a direct seller or network marketer is that you are self employed. That means you can really "do" your business any way you want to. In my experience, however, this can also be somewhat of a curse. Many of the direct sellers I work with as clients come to me with too many options and ideas and not enough direction. In essence, they are "flying by the seat of their pants." That is not a strong business plan. It is vital for you, as a direct seller, to set clear and realistic goals and create a plan that works with your lifestyle and will help you attain those goals.

The best network marketing and direct sales business plans break your activities into four very distinct and important areas:...

Networking Trainers Article
Plan for Your Direct Sales Success in 2012
by Julie Anne Jones

"I'm completely overwhelmed!" This phrase is, hands down, the one I hear the most often in my coaching and training practice and from my friends, associates, fans on Facebook, pretty much everyone in my life or business.

Let's face it… we're all busy. Me included. Between being newly married and the mom to two teenage boys, creating products and programs for my business while managing my existing programs and my social media presence, traveling and training at least once a month, volunteering in my community, and keeping up with everything it takes on a daily basis to simply run my business, most of the hours in my day are spoken for. There's not much time left over.

That's why, four years ago when a member...

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