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Garrett B. Gunderson

Garrett B. Gunderson

Garrett Gunderson is a successful entrepreneur who started his first company at the age of 15 and became a multi-millionaire business owner by the age of twenty-six. He is one of those rare speaker's who has actually successfully applied the principles and practices that he shares with others.

Garrett is a winner of Utah's Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. He has founded several prosperous companies, including an Inc 500 financial firm that was named by The Utah Fast 50 program as one of the top companies in the state for entrepreneurial spirit, innovative business tactics and skyrocketing revenue growth.

Garrett is a financial advocate helping people recover cash, build wealth, and take control of their personal finances. Garrett knows that true wealth isn't just about dollars. His approach effectively marries personal development to personal finance, so that his clients not only have the financial resources to live their ideal lives, but actually know what their unique vision for happiness and financial freedom looks like, so that their personal finances can be orchestrated in a way that supports that vision.

Garrett's programs teach people how to integrate the principles of economics and corporate finance into their own personal finances, so that they can benefit from the system in the same manner than large banks and corporations do (rather than fall victim to the system like most Americans).

Garrett teaches that it is imperative to first understand the limiting paradigms that create poverty (in all its many forms-not just financially) and how to overcome them in their own personal lives in order to enjoy more money, love their job, improve their relationships and live the life they once only thought possible in their childhood.

Garrett is the author of the revolutionary financial book Killing Sacred Cows, a New York Times bestseller. He is also the creator of the popular New Rules to Get Rich program distributed via Nightingale Conant. Garrett loves inspiring others to turn their potential into production. His popular media appearances include FOX News, First Business, KTLA, magazines, newspaper articles, and many, many radio interviews.

Nov/Dec 2009 Issue
Thriving in the New Economy
by Garrett B. Gunderson
Develop your mental, relationship and financial capital.

Networking Trainers Article
Five Counterintuitive Ways to Trump a Tough Economy
by Garrett B. Gunderson
Hard economic times provide excellent strategic opportunities for entrepreneurs who are willing to buck conventional wisdom. Here are five strategies to consider:

1. Spend More

Some great bargains are available now, for those who have the courage to nab them. Many assets are undervalued and can be acquired at discounted prices, be they inventory, fresh hires, office supplies or even real estate for future expansion. It is far more conducive to wealth creation to focus on increasing your production, rather than on slicing your expenses. Spend where your money will have the most impact...

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