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John Alexandrov

John Alexandrov

John has a background and expertise unlike anyone else in the “inspirational” or “financial success” genres. As the senior partner of a law firm he started at age 25, John personally represented clients and businesses that conducted billions of dollars of business. John has been personally involved in over a billion dollars worth of business transactions over the years as an advisor, investor and business coach. As a private banker, John has guided countless business owners and entrepreneurs through the start-up, development and growth of their businesses.

John is a graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, CT where he majored in economics. It was there that John first was introduced to the “multiplier effect,” a financial principal that measures the increase of money supply in the economy. John has applied this principal in much of his work, especially in his new seminar and home study course, “Your Money Consciousness™”. When properly understood and applied the multiplier effect increases the “velocity of money”… adding energy to your ability to attract money. John is also a graduate of The New England School of Law in Boston, MA where his graduate thesis on how money paradigms impact both the economy and the law received rave reviews.

For the past 15 years, John has also been engaged in another of his passions. He has served as the host of 3 radio programs and a television program broadcast on the Charter Communications Network. As a talk show host, John has interviewed many of the most successful people in the world such as Jack Canfield, Brian Tracey and the CEO’s of several multi-billion dollar companies. The insight gained from these interviews has inspired much of John’s work.

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Money & Me
by John Alexandrov
Imagine a world with no scarcity, no lack or deprivation, no fear or unmet needs. Imagine a world where money flows easily, effortlessly and continuously to you and others in ever-increasing amounts. In this world, everything is within your reach spiritually, physically, and mentally. You can "deliberately create" the life you desire and deserve.

First and foremost, deliberate creation requires...

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