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Stephanie DuPré

Stephanie DuPré

Jul/Aug 2007 Issue
In Business with Friends
by Stephanie DuPré
A networking veteran with almost twenty years of experience, Renata Lee joined her current company five years ago. Today, from her home in Fountain Valley, California, she sits atop a multimillion-dollar network, over 100,000 people strong and with a sales volume of $1.9 million a week. Along the way, she has been selective in whom she recruits into the business and works only with people she genuinely enjoys.

Mar/Apr 2007 Issue
Stretch Your Wings and Fly
by Stephanie DuPré
Dana Collins discovered long ago that the constraints that come with careers in traditional business bound her too tightly to thrive. After making her mark within corporate America, she learned to soar only when she broke free of her bonds and joined the networking space. As soon as she learned to build people, not volume, she was able to assemble a team of committed leaders and grow with them along the way.

Nov/Dec 2006 Issue
A Second Chance at Success
by Stephanie DuPré
Kosta Gharagozloo is a top earner at a health and lifestyle network marketing company. As a child, he was caught in a civil war ravaging his country and became a political refugee. The memories of his harrowing beginnings are what motivates him daily to give others another chance at success. Even with his wealth, he says, the dreams he has helped come true are his greatest achievement.

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