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Jim Bunch

Jim Bunch

Jim Bunch is a widely respected coach, speaker, and entrepreneur who works with thousands of entrepreneurs and professional coaches around the world. Jim has over ten years of professional speaking experience, and has given more than a thousand presentations on personal and professional development. His Six-Figure Practice program teaches coaches a step-by-step process to expand and leverage their businesses to attain new levels of success. Jim is the founder of, an affordable and easy to use web system to help you automate your online business. Jim is also the founder of Happy Healthy Wealthy Enterprises, and the creator of the Happy Healthy Wealthy Game, a coaching game that combines the best of seminars, coaching, and technology for guaranteed results. Jim belongs to three MasterMind groups; on Coaching, Real Estate, and CEO/Technology. Some of the greatest additions to his businesses have come from the collaboration and brilliant ideas of his fellow MasterMind members.

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The number one reason goals fail is TOO MUCH WILLPOWER!!!
by Jim Bunch
The biggest mistake a business owner can make is to set a goal and then try to use will power alone to accomplish this goal. For many years, seminar leaders, experts and coaches have been teaching us to set goals and take action toward those goals every day. Great concept. The problem is...

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