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Learning To Love

Mama Dalila and Nedra Ghariani

By Dr. Josephine Gross

Learning to Love

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Mama Dalila and Nedra Ghariani are a mother-and-daughter team of bestselling authors, motivational speakers, and human development trainers based in Tunisia. Looking to increase happiness and joy, they got started as laughter yoga practitioners and instructors. Attracting many eager students, their lessons turned into courses and live workshops titled “L’école de la vie.”

In 2014 Mama Dalila and Nedra published their first book Apprendre à Aimer, now in its sixth printing and translated into Arabic and English. Published by Networking Times Press in August 2017, the e-book Learning to Love is available globally on

Mama Dalila and Nedra teach universal principles of self-love, forgiveness, tolerance, and heart-felt positivity. Their role models include Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Abraham (via Esther Hicks), and Louise Hay.

Mama Dalila and Nedra offer a unique perspective by showing their audiences how there is no contradiction between these “new age” teachings and the foundation of their Muslim religion as explained in the Koran.—J.G.

What led you to the work you do today?
Dalila: Growing up I was a very sensitive little girl. I had a difficult time with my mom, as she wanted me to be exactly like her. She really tried to shape me into her mold, so I was raised with lots of harsh words and punishments.

Even though my mother loved me, I never heard the words “I love you” cross her lips. The only way she gave me attention was by pouncing on the smallest things I said and did, to bring me back on what she saw as the right path.

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