May/Jun 2016 Issue
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Dr. Steve Taubman

The Benefits of Mindfulness

How to Become Your Most Functional and Resourceful Self

By Dr. Steve Taubman

As an empowerment expert and results catalyst, I’ve been coaching network marketers for a long time. Over the years I’ve observed and come to believe that there are four predominant personality stages which determine a lot about how successful someone will be in business... and in life!

These four stages can be visualized as four quadrants on a graph where the horizontal axis represents gradually increasing levels of self-acceptance from left to right, and the vertical axis represents gradually increasing levels of self-awareness from bottom to top. Thus, the four quadrants are as follows:

Before I go on to explain the attributes of each of these personality types, and their likelihood of success, it’s important to realize that nobody is exclusively in one category. We all move about from one to another from time to time, yet we all have a predominant place we reside—a place we spend most of our time and are most comfortable...

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