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Gary Vaynerchuk
Lead Story:
Gary Vaynerchuk

Bob Burg
NT Interview:
Bob Burg

The More Project
The Heart of Business:
The More Project

Ken Dunn
Master Networker:
Ken Dunn

Donna Marie Sims
Master Networker:
Donna Marie Sims

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Patience, Passion and Personal Branding
Gary Vaynerchuk transformed himself from manager of his dad’s New Jersey liquor store into a TV personality, cultural phenomenon and the world’s best known “social media sommelier.” His daily wine-tasting shows on draw audiences of 80,000 and up. An evangelist for what he calls “social business,” Gary believes we’ve slipped into an age where authenticity pays, personal passion equals power, and where, when you build brand equity, anything can happen.

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Master the Spares
A perennial favorite speaker and trainer among networking audiences, Bob Burg is author of the classic Endless Referrals and the underground bestseller Winning Without Intimidation. His latest book, The Go-Giver (coauthored with John David Mann) became a Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek bestseller and has been translated into sixteen languages. Bob built his career and lives his life based on the premise that as long as you provide value and touch a whole lot of lives, you have no choice but to grow very, very wealthy.

The MORE Project
The MORE Project is a nonprofit organization entirely funded by a network marketing company through donations and volunteer activities. The company’s founder Dallin Larson always wanted to give back to the country of Brazil, because the key ingredient in his company’s product, the açai berry, happens to be found in the Brazilian rainforest. He made the two-way flow of giving and receiving an integral part of his company culture.

Roadmap to Success
Ken Dunn was a Canadian police officer when he got involved in network marketing. When his son was born, Ken started looking for ways to create additional income. His journey in network marketing would also lead him to examine his character and evaluate his relationships. Ken recently wrote a book and started a training company to teach people the “Secrets of Simplicity” that helped him become the natural networker he is today.

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It’s Not Work—It’s My Life!
Donna Sims first encountered direct sales when she was in college. She got married and continued knocking on doors as a hobby but her husband was not supportive of her business. During the week of 9/11, Donna found herself in a crisis, which led her to recognize the opportunity of building a networking business. She jumped in with both feet and today she is living the life of her dreams.

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