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Seth Godin
Lead Story:
Seth Godin

Marcy and Bob
NT Interview:
Marcy Koltun-Crilley and Bob O'Connor

The Heart of Business:
Kirk Metz

Cecilia Ortiz
Master Networker:
Cecilia Ortiz

Nikita Gromyko
Master Networker:
Nikita Gromyko

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The Importance of Being Extraordinary
In 1999, a New York-based marketer and entrepreneur by the name of Seth Godin wrote a book entitled Permission Marketing. Soon he was being hailed as one of the most brilliant marketers alive. Permission Marketing was also very influential in network marketing circles, and Networking Times featured Seth in 2002. Five years later, we decided it was high time we had him back to talk with us about networking and the new media. Seth believes the new media play to the very best strengths of network marketing.

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Life on an Internet Intimate Island
Marcy Koltun-Crilley and webmaster Bob O’Connor are partners in one of the most successful online communities to date. Called “Powerful Intentions,” it is a community of people from all walks of life who believe in the Law of Attraction. Members of the community can create a forum around a center of interest, and because it’s a big community—over 100,000 people and growing—that’s rated fairly high on Google, others can easily find their site. Marcy and Bob say the intended result at Powerful Intentions is to be the luckiest place in the world.

The Joy of Contribution
Kirk Metz grew up in the foothills of the Rockies, waterskiing with his parents on the family lake. When his father introduced him to a product that was distributed through network marketing, they jumped in together with both feet. Kirk discovered that in order to succeed, he needed to learn about leadership and build teams where each person can grow and share their unique gifts with the world.

Faith Is Everything
Cecilia Ortiz of Miami, Florida was bedridden and in debt when a friend introduced her to networking. Cecilia saw the opportunity as an answer to her prayers and built her business based on her faith, love of family and dedication to others. Today she is one of the top networkers at the beauty company she represents and has realized her dream of creating bright futures for herself, her family and many others.

Just a Money Game?
Nikita Gromyko was a swimmer on the Soviet Union national team for the 1500 meters at the age of fifteen. Throughout his training, he learned the power of focus and the importance of keeping his feet on the ground, regardless of his accomplishments. Today Nikita has an organization in fifty-two countries and his distributors know they can always count on him for answers to their questions on how to be successful networkers.

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