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Lessons from a Board Game

A Conversation with Ross Arntson, Rob Hannley and Pamela Ziemann, creators of the NetMillionaire Training System

By John David Mann

Ross Arntson (a graphic designer), Rob Hannley (a computer engineer) and Pamela “Zee” Ziemann (an entrepreneur) all found themselves drawn to the same field of personal-development training. Over lunch one day, the diversely-backgrounded trio of trainers got talking and found they shared not only similar interests but an identical dream: to create a new type of training that would have a genuine impact on the world of networking. A few years later, after months of brainstorming and many months more of beta-testing with networkers of all levels of experience, the three have produced a unique result: the “NetMillionaire Training System”—an extensible and fully customizable board game experience that serves to train people in the art of networking, and even works as a prospecting and recruiting tool.

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