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Sep/Oct 2005    
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Chris Widener
Chris Widener

Dani Johnson
Dani Johnson

Keith McEachern
Keith McEachern

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The Education of Character
After 14 years as a minister, Chris Widener discovered he had reached a larger audience—vastly larger. Having given away his copious library of Internet articles for free, Chris found himself effectively “branded” and decided to launch a career as a public speaker. Mentored by legendary leadership gurus Jim Rohn and John Maxwell, the author of The Angel Inside and coauthor (with Rohn) of The 12 Pillars of Success has now become one of the foremost speakers on leadership and character.

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A Mission to Professionalize
After going through a rapid school-of-hard-knocks course on how not to network, Dani Johnson made a firm decision: she would treat the business as a profession every bit as much as if she were a doctor, lawyer or corporate executive. Today, 14 years later, Dani has emerged from her “retirement” (living on residuals and being a full-time mom) to lead one of the most popular new training programs in the profession.

Networkers as Pillars of Society
When direct selling company founder Isamu Masuda saw photographs of polar bears in their natural habitat with soiled, dirty fur, it brought home the tragedy of human neglect in caring for our planet. Inspired by that insight, Masuda’s Polar Bear Program touches lives throughout his company and all over the world.

A Promise Fulfilled
An early experience with networking had left a bad taste in young Keith McEachern’s mouth. Two decades later, he drew on those early lessons and began assembling his personal punch list of qualities and qualifications for the ideal company.

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The Business of Fulfilled Lives
Charles and Diane Bennett enjoyed a successful career in insurance for decades. The two worked well together and seemed destined to sail off into the sunset as insurance brokers—when they discovered network marketing.

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A Shared Career in Wellness
Stephen Weinstein was a CEO with a specialty in turning around ailing hospitals; Sharon Weinstein had worked in the world of nursing for over 35 years. The last thing either expected was to carve out a new career in network marketing—but sometimes life takes surprising turns.

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