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Jan/Feb 2005    
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Tom Hopkins
Lead Story:
Tom Hopkins

Tony Jeary
NT Interview:
Tony Jeary

Ray Robbins
Master Networker:
Ray Robbins

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The Art of Presentation
Tom Hopkins, best-selling author of Selling for Dummies(r), is the indisputable king of sales; his Master the Art of Selling has sold over 1.4 million copies in ten languages and is considered the classic text on sales. In this interview Tom shares his passion about bringing to networkers what he feels is the single biggest missing piece in our profession: solid training on the art of presentation.

Your Life Is a Series of Presentations
Tony Jeary, aka Mr. Presentation(tm), has traveled the globe for two decades teaching others how to present with excellence. Zig Ziglar called his Inspire Any Audience

God's Love Manifest
For Diana Haskins, a history of personal suffering, economic need and profound faith brought her to network marketing and beyond. Her need to give overflowed every vessel she found, until the horrors of post-9/11 inspired her to create the Afghan Academy of Hope.

Millionaire Chooses Networking!
A born entrepreneur who owned 27 lawnmowers by the time he graduated from high school, Ray Robbins had succeeded in venture after venture and was just settling down for a long life of retirement-when he was irresistibly drawn to the world of network marketing.

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Overcoming Circumstances
Barry Donalson had pulled himself up by the proverbial bootstraps and earned a promising position with Lexus when he happened to encounter the idea of network marketing.

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Networking to Nashville
At 23, Stacy and David Whited decided to postpone their dream of moving to Nashville to support Stacy's career as a country singer. Seven years later, after establishing a solid financial foundation through networking, they made their move.

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