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Nov/Dec 2004    
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Butch and Hotch
Lead Story:
Butch and Hotch

Danah Zohar
NT Interview:
Danah Zohar

BK Boreyko
Heart of Business:
BK Boreyko

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Butch and Hotch: Wanted, for Good Works
In 1980, long-time friends Paul Newman and A.E. Hotchner launched a homespun business marketing Paul’s homemade salad dressing through a few local stores. A quarter-century later, the Newman’s Own natural-foods juggernaut has changed the face of American philanthropy. Newman’s partner “Hotch,” the noted Hemingway biographer, talks with Networking Times about their Newman’s Own adventures and about commitment and risk.

On the Fertile Edge of Chaos
Danah Zohar’s Spiritual Capital presents a vision of a capitalist society that transcends greed and materialism and offers a blueprint for free enterprise in a values-based business culture. She talks with Networking Times about “quantum thinking” in business and explains why living “on the edge of chaos” makes this a most creative time.

A Strong Foundation
BK Boreyko grew up in a network marketing household, built a six-figure monthly income as a distributor, and co-founded and now runs a network marketing company. But for him, the most rewarding side of the business is the philanthropic project created in his mother’s name, the Dottie Boreyko Foundation.

Forever Teaching People How to Fish
As a teenager, Harris Williams discovered that he loved to teach people all he could about the water—how to fish, water-ski and windsurf. Today, all his passions have come full circle—on a grand scale.

Dreaming Dreams that Bear Fruit
Exhausted, broke and their marriage nearly on the ropes, Sharon and Bill Silvester decided to try something they’d considered before, but never seen work. This time it did, and the rest is network marketing history.

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