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Michael Gerber
Lead Story:
Michael Gerber

Roger and Tracy Kaman
Roger and Tracy Kaman

Billie Jo Fiege
Billie Joe Fiege

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Network Marketing on the Dark Side of the Moon
Author of the runaway business best-seller, The E-Myth Revisited, Michael Gerber has dedicated his career to helping small businesses develop the critical “turnkey” system elements to make their businesses work—and even duplicate. In this interview, Gerber talks about everything from why most network marketers needlessly emulate Neo in “The Matrix” to what network marketing could learn from AA and 12-step programs.

The Magic of Structure
Network marketer and international marketing consultant Rick Tonita has applied the work of Peter Senge and Robert Fritz on systems
theory and continuous learning to network marketing, resulting in a powerful formula that has clients with prospects on waiting lists.

A Mother’s Love, a World of Children
Dee Mower has had a lifelong mission to take care of the world’s
children; with the international growth and maturation of the network marketing company she co-founded, she has found a way to give that mission expression.

Record-Breaking Success, With Love
In less than 24 months, Tony and Randi Escobar built a network organization of more than 100,000 people—and they did it by
nurturing their relationships with friends, by educating, informing
and edifying them.

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A Real-Life Movie
After the recession of the late 90s forced Roger and Tracy Kaman out of business and took their home, they lived a nomadic existence with their four children—until they found their way to network marketing.

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Freedom From a Wheelchair
Billie Jo Fiege was bedridden with a full-blown and utterly debilitating case of fibromyalgia, until an acupuncturist suggested she try replacing her usual personal care products with some toxin-free versions.

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