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Jul/Aug 2004    
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Jennifer Kushell and Scott Kaufman
Lead Story:
Jennifer Kushell and Scott Kaufman

Dianna Booher
NT Interview:
Cameron Johnson

Rob Hawthorne
Rob Hawthorne

Brittany Karlen
Brittany Karlen

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Torch-Bearers of the Young and Successful
Co-authors of Secrets of the Young and Successful Jennifer Kushell (whom US News & World Report called "the guru of her generation") and Scott Kaufman are also co-founders of the ground-breaking Young and Successful Media Corporation, which is rapidly establishing itself as the most influential PR/educational force for young entrepreneurs in the world. And they are bullish on network marketing.

Fifteen-Year-Old CEO
Cameron Johnson may not be 20 years old yet, but his experiences, business savvy and commonsense wisdom make him a business leader that 30-year-olds (and older) could well afford to listen to.

Man on a Mission
By the time Skip Ross had gone through all the learning experiences it took to transform his life from struggle to success, he realized that he had a golden opportunity: he could teach kids the lessons he wished he'd known as a teenager.

Extreme Success
At 22, Joby Weeks would be a remarkable man at any age. Poised to attend college, he abruptly took a detour into network marketing instead, and has created an astonishing career in just a few years.

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Getting Rich Slow and Sure
At 25 years of age--and after more than 25 corporate jobs and entrepreneurial business disasters--Rob Hawthorne picked up a copy of Networking Times and found his passion. He says,

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Taking the Stage
At the age of five, Brittany Karlen was climbing the stage to take part in her dad's opportunity presentations. Fifteen years later, successfully juggling a college schedule with a full-time networking business, she's coming into her own.

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