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June 2003    
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Kurt and Patricia
Lead Story:
Kurt and Patricia

Chris Majer
Nt Interview:
Chris Majer

Doug Wead
Heart of Business:
Doug Wead

Kevin Robbins
Master Networker:
Kevin Robbins

LEAD STORYSubscriber Only
The Wright Stuff
John Milton Fogg
A Conversation with Kurt and Patricia Wright
Over 30 years ago, Kurt Wright made a life- and work-altering decision. He stopped asking, “What’s wrong?” and started asking, “What’s right?” Asking the right questions, say Kurt and his wife Patricia, move our minds from deductive and analytical thinking to accessing the synthesizing power of intuition—from negative to positive, problems to possibilities—and help us tap the hidden potential of the team.

The Mood of the Team
John Milton Fogg
A Conversation with Chris Majer
Trainer and coach to world-class athletes, big businesses (such as AT&T, Intel, and Nike); and elite military units of Army Special Forces, Marines and Navy Seals, Chris Majer talks about the essential leadership responsibilities and key management strategies required to establish and maintain the direction and health of a high-
performance team.

Networking’s Charitable Edge
Uma Sackett
Doug Wead: Time, Money, and Friends with Time and Money
Best-selling author of All the Presidents’ Children, Doug Wead is co-founder of Mercy Corps International, an international relief organization; a former Special Assistant to the President—and a successful network marketer.

Building TheTeam
John David Mann
Kevin’s father Ray was a super-successful networker—but son Kevin wanted to be his own man. After a brief career as a successful but harried corporate salesman, Kevin “discovered” networking—and mastered it on his own terms.

Success at Your Own PaceSubscriber Only Lisa Borelli closed her successful mortgage company to start a family, then walked away from a successful first experience in networking because it, too, also took her away from her family. Today, she’s found the right balance.

Part-Time Job, Full-Time IncomeSubscriber Only Between failing health and a deteriorating business, things were going badly for Frank and Annette Petrocelli. Then one day, Frank’s son happened to give him a video on a business his girlfriend’s father was getting involved with.

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