Over 30 years ago, Kurt Wright made a life- and work-altering decision. He stopped asking, "What’s wrong?" and instead started asking, consistently and probingly, "What’s right?" Kurt and his wife Patricia now direct Clear Purpose Management, Inc., an international consulting and leader-coaching firm, where they shift their clients 180 degrees from the commonplace "find-what’s-wrong-and-fix-it" mindset, to one of asking "What’s right?" questions instead. "What’s right" questions, the Wrights assert, move our minds from deductive and analytical thinking to accessing the synthesizing power of intuition—from negative to positive, problems to possibilities. And on top of their remarkable success as consultants, the Wrights have used Wright questions to build a successful networking business. In this extraordinary interview, Kurt and Patricia explain the nature of intuition (including why neither words nor numbers operate fast enough to serve as languages for intuition), and detail a progression of five "what’s right?" questions to help tap the optimum power of both individual and team.