“I was earning quite a bit of money, but I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was winning—but I was unhappy, because I didn’t know why I was winning. I had nothing to share: I couldn’t tell you how to win.” Thus began an extraordinary career, beginning with a study of Napoleon Hill and an apprenticeship to Earl Nightingale, and leading Proctor to become one of the world’s foremost authors and speakers on the “science of success.” Best-selling author of You Were Born Rich, Proctor talks here about the “Law of Compensation” and how it applies to network marketers. The true value of networking, says Bob, is that it provides people a change in consciousness that can serve to wake people up to their true potential, and stop living lives of desperation or mediocrity. He then outlines the principal challenges for most networkers, and what it takes to overcome those challenges.