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January 2003    
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Marianne Williams
Lead Story

Mandy Evans
Nt Interview: Mandy Evans

Linda Locke
Profile: Linda Locke

Ann Houghteling
Profile: Ann Houghteling

LEAD STORYSubscriber Only
Everyday Grace
John Milton Fogg
A Conversation with Marianne Williamson, author of A Woman’s Worth and A Return to Love Widely known for her exquisite “life lessons” and ability to capture spiritual truths in direct, accessible language, Marianne Williamson sees us as being on the threshold of the “great spiritual awakening of America”—and she feels an urgency around our taking that quantum step.

NT INTERVIEWSubscriber Only
Changing Beliefs
John Milton Fogg
A Conversation About How to Recover From Your Past, with Mandy Evans, Author of Travelling Free “It’s not what happens to you that shapes your life—it’s what you come to believe about what happens to you.” So begins Mandy Evans’s exquisitely simple, practical treatise on how to escape the self-limiting shackles of inadvertently adopted beliefs, and begin to realize your full potential.

In the Amazon
John David Mann
Kathy Coffey Finds the Feminine Principle After several years of networking, Kathy Coffey was broke and burnt out. She knew she could make it work—and she did, once she had found a way of working that honored her feminine voice.

You Have to Reinvent Yourself
John David Mann
Hannah Ineson rode a wild ride as her company soared from humble beginnings to momentum to massive growth. Then reality set in.

A Network for Networking WomenSubscriber Only In 1995 Linda went hunting for the perfect online education-andsupport system for networking women. Nobody had made it yet—so she did it herself.

The Advantage of Being a WomanSubscriber Only After 19 years of success in insurance, Ann Houghteling was tired of having no free time—so she quit in a heartbeat and became a networker.

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