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October 2002    
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Seth Godin
Dorsey Family
Elizabeth Weber

LEAD STORYSubscriber Only
The Power of Two: Nightingale-Conant
John David Mann
Earl Nightingale and Lloyd Conant formed a partnership that pioneered one industry (personal growth and audio learning) and helped shape another (network marketing). More than that, the two men's story is an object lesson in servant leadership, the power of belief, and how very much larger two heads (and hearts) are than one.

NT INTERVIEWSubscriber Only
The Astonishing Power of Feelings
John Milton Fogg
"We are electromagnetic beings," says Grabhorn. "How we feel is how we vibrate; how we vibrate is how we attract. Simple physics." Editor in Chief John Milton Fogg says Ms. Grabhorn's book and work have changed his life. This issue, we decided to find out why.

Dr. Vicky Arcadi: "The Doctor I Always Wanted to Be"
John David Mann
Victoria Arcadi has pioneered a discipline and managed groundbreaking research on genetic defects. None of it would have come together, she says today, if it hadn't been for network marketing.

Lisa Wilber: Outrageous Income--Just For Helping People!
Uma Sackett
A shy girl from a poor family in rural New England, Lisa slid into a depression when she lost her secretary job. What happened next was a miracle--one that has kept on growing to this day.

Chris Tinney: The Internetwork MarketerSubscriber Only Far from quitting his corporate job to start networking, Chris Tinney climbed both the corporate ladder and the network comp plan simultaneously.

Jackie Ulmer: Starting From Scratch--Again!Subscriber Only After more than six years in networking, Jackie Ulmer started over--and found she was more passionate about the business than she'd known.

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