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August 2002    
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Seth Godin

Elizabeth Weber
Dorsey Family

LEAD STORYSubscriber Only
Seth Godin: Networking with the Ideavirus
John Milton Fogg
Permission Marketing guru Godin explains why giving his book Unleashing the Ideavirus away for free on the Internet ended up earning him big money-and how you can apply the same principles to your business.

Elizabeth Weber: You Just Have to Give
John David Mann
Super-successful networker Elizabeth Weber wasn't satisfied giving money to foundations and never seeing the results-so she started her own (very hands-on) charity: The Weber Foundation of Helping Hands.

Generations: Networking FamiliesSubscriber Only This issue a special "Profiles" section follows the sponsoring path through five successful networking families.

All in the FamilySubscriber Only George and DeDe Shaw sponsored their son, AG and his wife, Maureen, who sponsored her mother, who sponsored her sister... and on it went until over three dozen family members had joined.

A Two-Generation TeamSubscriber Only Russ Karlen built a networking empire, but his son Eric joined him only after experiencing the more conventional business world of stock-brokerage.

A Difficult DecisionSubscriber Only Mamie Smith was torn between the wishes of two families: the succesfully-networking Herrons (fiance Trey and his parents, Bill and Clem) and her small-business-owner parents, Kathy and Roger Smith. (To see how it worked out in the long run, you'll have to read the story!).

Like Father, Like SonSubscriber Only Young Michael Dorsey grew up learning the networking business almost "by osmosis," he says. It was only after starting his own landscaping business and getting a firm but gentle nudge from wife Amy that Michael joined father Mike in the business.

One Family Member at a TimeSubscriber Only Norm Roth refused to give up on networking long after other family members had thrown in the towel; by the time he got it working his family refused to take his calls! But the DNA finally kicked in-cousin Larry joined, then sponsored his father, who sponsored his brother...and the genetic dominoes began to fall.

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