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"You've got to see things from your prospect's point of view! Today, people are unwilling to get involved unless they're convinced you have their best interests at heart."

My Friend,

What do you think about that quote above? Is that how you do network marketing? Is that how you coach and train your people to build their businesses?

If so, then I've got really exciting news for you! There's a NEW magazine coming made just for you and your people. NETWORKING TIMES. And my promise to you is that it will be the practical, empowering and "right on!" network marketing publication ever!



"Will be"...? Why didn't I say "is"? Because it's not there yet. We're missing one key ingredient--YOU.

NETWORKING TIMES will be YOUR magazine: FOR You. ABOUT You. BY You. And we're off to a truly terrific start!

Interested? Excited?

I hope so. We've got the very best people in the business on our team to bring you NETWORKING TIMES:

Bob Proctor, legendary trainer, is our Publisher. John David Mann, who edited Upline and was Editor-in-Chief of Lifestyles, is the Editor of NETWORKING TIMES. And John Milton Fogg is our Editor-in-Chief.

Our Contributing Editors and Writers include: Bob Burg, Uma Outka, Teresa Romain, Tom "Big Al" Schreiter, Dawn Siebold, John Valenty, Eric Karlen, Frank Keefer, Len Clements, Art Jonak, Michael Clouse and Ana McClellan.

And all of this has been brought about by Chris Gross--a brilliant man who loves this industry and wears his heart and his head on his sleeve.

As you can see, we really do have the best of the best!

The lead feature in our first issue is: The Coming Networking Boom! It offers proof-positive that network marketing is exploding! and the time is now.

I interviewed Tim Sanders, the Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo! for a piece titled: Knowledge, Networking & Compassion. Tim's the author of the new, hot, best-selling tribute to networking, "Love is the Killer App."

Robert Kiyosaki has weighed in with a few valuable insights on "life-changing business education."

Each issue will touch on topics that benefit all networkers, like Marketing, Technology, Leadership, Abundance, Retailing, and Personal and Professional Growth & Development.

And as I said, all we're missing is YOU. Please, go here:


Check out the cover and click on the "Sneak Preview."

Once you've viewed the Table of Contents and read a bunch of the Executive Summaries, click on the "Subscribe" link under the masthead. Look it over and consider subscribing, please and thank you....

I know the important role NETWORKING TIMES will play in the long-awaited, industry wide success story. Let's make it happen together!

The networking profession needs this magazine.

Please, give it (and you) the support it (and you:-) deserves....

Thanks. I appreciate You

John M. Fogg
Editor in Chief
Networking Times


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