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10 Absolute Musts to Turn Your Leads into Profits
By Mark Helsel

Must #1: Be Different

As a kid my dad would tell me if you want to achieve more than most, you need to do more than most. He also told me that being different can be a very good thing. I have noticed in my network marketing career that being different has definitely served me well. What I mean by being different is to not sound like every other networker. Unfortunately, too many would-be networkers say all the same things that everyone else says. They use all the clichés that everyone has heard a million times. In short, many people just roll their eyes when they hear these worn out and overused expressions. What emotion comes to mind when you hear “ground floor opportunity,” “entering momentum,” “highest paying compensation plan”? Heard enough to get the point? Saying these things might make it sound like you understand the jargon of network marketing, but it is not effective. Instead, just be real. Focus on your prospects’ needs and help them find a solution to those needs.

Must #2: Be Respectful

Sadly, many overzealous networkers mean well, but are actually annoying, or worse, disrespectful. They say things that offend people. Things like, “I can show you how to earn real money.” They imply that they have all the answers and that everyone who is not in network marketing is an idiot. Ever heard something like, “anyone with any vision can see this is going to be huge”? Those types of statements turn people off. Nobody wants to be around a know-it-all—especially a disrespectful know-it-all. Be careful that your enthusiasm for your opportunity doesn’t cross over the line into offending people. You can share your opportunity with people and get them excited about it without offending them.

Must #3: Keep It about Them

WIIFM. You should know what that stands for. What's In It For Me? Like it or not, that is what people want to know. They don’t want to hear about facts and figures that don’t impact their bottom line. Sure, it’s nice to hear about other people’s success, but that doesn’t pay your bills, does it? Most people I’ve encountered want to talk about themselves. So, that is exactly what I do. I talk all about them. Many times, I can’t even get them off the phone because I’ve let the conversation be about them. Learn to ask lots of questions and then listen patiently for the answers. When you do this, you will find that people will talk to you in a different way and they will open up to you and allow you to help them.

Must #4: Be Patient

Being patient in today’s world can be a challenge. We are so conditioned to getting everything we want now: fast food, Google, drive-through pharmacies—the list goes on and on. People expect the same in business: they want to work today and see the fruits of their labor today. That would be nice, but my experience has been different. Develop a plan, and then work your plan. Don't expect immediate results. Give your efforts time to materialize. The trick is to keep going, even when you don’t see immediate results. If your plan is solid and you work your plan, results will follow. One more concept on being patient is to realize that it may take you time to get proficient at what you are doing, especially if you have never done it before. Every new skill takes time to develop. This will be no different.

Must #5: Be Honest and Accurate

I truly believe most people are honest people. I also know that networkers tend to believe what they hear and then exaggerate that. Back in the olden days we called it “multi-level math.” Here’s an example: recently a friend of mine gave me a statistical number that sounded way too high. I questioned him on it, but he insisted that it was the accurate number. So, I did what many people would do, I googled it. Guess what I found? His number was off by a whole lot. He didn’t intend to exaggerate, his enthusiasm clouded his vision a bit and he didn’t do his own homework to find the right number. It’s kind of like that old game whisper down the lane. The numbers and facts just keep getting more and more inaccurate as they roll through the world of networkers. The end result is a loss of credibility. Don’t make this mistake. Get the right numbers and use them, not inflated numbers that will eventually make you look bad. The good news is the correct numbers are usually more than impressive enough.

Must #6: Follow Up/Follow Through

Now here’s a cliché that’s still effective: the fortune is in the follow-up. Truer words have not been spoken. Nevertheless, I’m amazed at how many people simply do not follow up and follow through. The secret to follow up is to simply be on a mission for a definitive completion of every interaction. I remember telling my prospects, "Look, I honestly don’t mind if you say no. What bothers me the most is ‘maybe’ or worse yet, no answer at all.” I like to emphasize the importance to my prospect that we just need to get to an answer quickly. That’s my excuse for following up and staying persistent. I want an answer and I’m going to get one. I also believe that people respect what I’ll refer to as “tactful persistence.” When you stay tactfully persistent people realize that you strongly believe in what you are doing.

Must #7: Be Determined

My dad wasn’t the only one putting success thoughts in my head when I was young; my mom did her share, too. She once told me a cute little poem that I will never forget. It started out, “Someone said it couldn’t be done, but he with a chuckle replied... “ Do you know that one? It’s all about staying determined. I can’t tell you how many times in life I’ve heard her voice in my head reciting that simple little poem. It’s true, to get what you want you must stay determined. You must not be deterred by adversity. You must press on, even when you don’t feel like it. You must remind yourself that the effort now will be worth the reward later.

Must #8: Be Goal-Oriented

There are two kinds of goals. There are results goals and there are activity goals. Here’s an example. “I’m going to lose 30 pounds.” That's a results goal. An activity goal might be, “I’m going to walk 2 miles every day.” The problem with results goals is many times you don’t control the results. Here's another example: “I’m going to make 3 sales tonight.” Is that right? How do you know? The truth is, you don’t know because you can’t make people do things. So, the issue with a results goal is that it will leave you disappointed many times. That’s why I prefer to set activity goals. I can control this goal: “I’m going to make 30 calls tonight.” See the difference? One I control, one I don’t. By setting activity goals you build confidence because you hit your activity goals almost all the time. The fun thing is that by hitting your activity goals, you automatically will hit results goals. In time, your activity goals will actually help you set more realistic results goals because you will have solid information on which to base your goal.

Must #9: Be Realistic with Your Expectations

My wife calls me a dreamer and I take that as a compliment. I call her a realist and she takes great pride in that. Interesting, isn’t it? The truth is, both of these characteristics need to be present to be a great networker. The problem I see is that many people are slanted too heavily in one direction or the other. For example, I’ll run in to people who say things like: “It’s just not working for me. I talked to 8 people last week and none of them want anything to do with my business.” They obviously had very unrealistic expectations of how many people they were going to need to talk to find someone interested. After all, if it were that easy, everyone would be a network marketing millionaire. The other side of this is also true: you need to be able to dream. You need to let your imagination lead you sometimes. Many times that is what drives you. That’s a good thing. Just temper it with a dose of realism.

Must #10: Get Good at What You Do

In almost every one of my live training events I say, “Do I need to apologize for telling you that you need to be good at what you do to make a lot of money?” It’s a crazy thing, but in our profession of network marketing so many people have been lead to believe that it’s easy and that “anyone can be successful.” While I would agree with most of that statement, I would add, “Anyone who is willing to make the necessary sacrifices can be successful.” There is a big difference. I don’t know of any other profession where people are told you can be average and still make a ton of money. When you think about it, that doesn’t even make sense. We are all paid according to our skills and value. When you are good at what you do you should expect to make a lot of money, but not until then.

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