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July/August 2016 Coming Soon

Fabio Galdi

Jul/Aug 2016 theme is People and Technology. Technology can connect us, or alienate us; helps us focus, or distract us. We asked leaders, "How has technology changed your business for the BETTER? What rules do you follow for using technology without losing your humanity? Also features: Fabio Galdi, a technology innovator and network marketing company owner; the Razon family from the Philippines; Chanida & Nat Puranaputra from Thailand; Lamia Bettaieb from Tunisia; Tanya O'Matta from Texas; and much more!

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Blessed Through the Storm
Happiness is usually seen as dependent on circumstances, people, or both. Most people would see it as a feeling that results from receiving, accomplishing, experiencing something good, or being with someone who makes them feel good.
June 23, 2016

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