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Sep/Oct 2016 Millennials issue

Learn from these high energy, tech savvy, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and watch your business grow!

David and Mark

Our "Back to School” issue features David Anderson & Mark Nathan, two Millennial entrepreneurs who wrote The Delusion of Passion: Why Millennials Struggle to Find Success. Margie Aliprandi talks about the power of network marketing to unite people. Michele Gay shares how social selling is the way to attract Gen Y. Our Rising Stars are Ricardo Jimenez, Ana Cantera, Leisa Cutler, Melissa Barlock, Heather Baker and Ellen Marrs. Preview here

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Are You Enjoying the Journey?
Most people join network marketing because they hope it will make them money, but what really gets them involved and committed - in other words, what makes them STAY and succeed - is that this business also brings them happiness.
August 23, 2016
I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!
Those lyrics have never seemed more appropriate than now, with a rising tide of savvy female entrepreneurs setting the standard for business in the 21st century. Using the tools at their disposal - social media, direct selling, crowdfunding, and sheer determination - to rise to new heights, at the risk of mixing musical metaphors, "Sisters are doing it for themselves!"
August 21, 2016

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