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Mark Yarnell

Mark Yarnell is an accomplished author, motivational speaker and international business person. Mark is the recipient of the coveted American Dream Award as an outstanding entrepreneur. With eighteen years of applied Network Marketing experience, he built a successful international distribution organization of more than 300,000 marketing representatives in 21 countries.

Mark has delivered presentations and speeches throughout North America, Europe and Asia and has authored and published several bestselling books, including Self-Wealth, Your First Year in Network Marketing and his most recent book, Your Best Year in Network Marketing.

As a respected advocate of the distribution industry, Mark was the first and only person from networking to serve as Contributing Editor to Success Magazine, having contributed numerous articles to the well-known publication. Yarnell and Dr. Charles King of Harvard University created the first certification course in Network Marketing taught at the University of Illinois, Chicago and in Seoul, Korea since 1993.

Mark has been honored and recognized internationally with numerous awards in the industry, including the American Dream Award, Leadership Award, Distributor of the Year Award, and was named the Greatest Networker In the World. Mark has been inducted into the Network Marketing Hall of Fame.

Mark has founded and supported a variety of charitable organizations. He founded, The Eagles, a literary and self-help organization for penitentiary inmates and the School of Sobriety, the only free treatment program in Nevada for alcoholics and addicts. His charitable work earned him the Nevada Philanthropist of the Year Award from the Washington Times.

e-Courses taught by Mark Yarnell:

Networking in the 21st Century  
Insurmountable Opportunities and Networking Challenges  
How to Achieve over $100,000 per Month in 21st Century Networking      
The Lotus Code--The Secret Path to Networking Wealth      
The Lotus Code: Hopelessly Addicted to Wealth      

Articles by Mark Yarnell:

June 2012 Issue
The MLM Solution
by Mark Yarnell

April 2009 Issue
The Upside of Facing Adversity
by Mark Yarnell

More Articles by Mark Yarnell

Products by Mark Yarnell:

 Your Best Year in Network Marketing
Your Best Year in Network Marketing
 The Lotus Code: Timeless Wisdom for Accelerated Prosperity
The Lotus Code: Timeless Wisdom for Accelerated Prosperity
 The Lotus Code with Your Best Year paperback FREE...
The Lotus Code with Your Best Year paperback FREE...

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