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Upcoming Live Events:

Networking University Live classes are on-location courses that are personally and professionally empowering. The courses are listed chronologically with earliest upcoming classes listed first. You can also filter the classes by department (Personal Development, Professional Development, Business Development).

In addition to the outstanding state-of-the-art education you will receive, here is another major benefit. Each time you attend a Networking University–sponsored live event, you earn four credits per day towards your certification. In addition, with each credit you receive a FREE one-month membership to Networking University (tuition price is $19.97 a month). If you sign up for a three-day event, you receive twelve credits plus a one-year scholarship to Networking University, a $197 value! This is an incredible way to grow your leadership and your business.

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Networking University is in Summer Recess from July through September.

Everyone on the Networking University email list will continue to receive a FREE training article each Friday with a link to a FREE recorded Webinar.

To add or remove your name, click here. To invite others on your team, please send them to this same link.

Live Webinars will resume in the fall.

To suggest a webinar topic, please email university@networkingtimes.com

Thank you and enjoy this summer!

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