A Natural Selling Phrase: "If There Were a Way You Could...?"

by Michael Oliver

There is a standard "closing phrase" in conventional selling that goes like this: "If I could show you a way to . . ."-and you fill in the rest. If you've ever used this, you've probably discovered it will cause most people to shut down on you.

Why? Because it puts the focus on you and makes most people uncomfortable. It puts them on the spot, especially if it's used early in a conversation. (Why oh why is it that so many sales techniques are geared toward qualifying and closing so early?!)

However, it's a great phrase if you rephrase it as a qualifying question. This takes the focus off of you, and makes this a Natural Selling Phrase. In the correct context, it will produce outstanding results.

The rephrasing goes something like this:

"If there were a way you could . . . [for example, get the money you're looking for so that you can feel good about spending more time with your community) . . . do you ever look for opportunities to do that?"

"If you were able to . . . [reduce or eliminate that back pain so that you didn't have to be dependent on others anymore] . . . by taking something else, is that what you're looking for?"

See if you can feel the difference in energy or vibration of the conventional phrase and the Natural Selling phrase. If the new phrase feels better for, have you considered that perhaps the person you're talking with will also feel the same way?

Create some phrases of your own and say them a few times until you get the tone and feeling you want.

The success of the rephrasing has a lot to do with the context, which is your intent. If you are using it in order to "close" someone or to achieve a certain objective, they are still likely to back away.

If instead you come from a place of service, of interest-a place of concerned detachment-people will feel you have their best interests at heart. You'll find many will be curious about your question and respond with answers like, "Yes, I would . . ." or "Why? Do you know of something?"

If you're not already using this phrase, try it out-and see how many more positive responses you get.

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