Build a Pipeline With Developing Emerging Leaders and Reap the Benefits!

by Barry Donalson

Developing the right people can produce many positive effects on your organization. Building with the right people can increase your team's productivity, improve downline moral, and organization profitability and make your job as a leader a lot easier.

With the possibility of one or all of these positive effects taking place, it is important to invest your time and perfect your developing process to ensure that you are giving yourself the best chance to find the right people-those who will join you and make positive contributions to the entire team.

All top income earners want to recruit and develop the best possible talent available; but you have to interview emerging leaders before deciding to invest all your time into them. How do you guarantee that you are working with the best?

One way is to partner with your producers who share same values in your company and organization, and make sure they have a complete understanding about the business. Demonstrate to them the urgency of getting things done and communicating via timely feedback on their production levels and commitments.

Establish continued face-to-face meetings with your emerging leaders and communicate the importance of their position on the team as well as related duties and responsibilities. Allow your emerging leaders to get a feel of your leadership style and organizational culture to see if they really want to take on responsible roles. The more they learn about what finding the right people will mean to you, the better they can serve the team in those necessary roles.

By taking the time and sharing pertinent information with your emerging leaders, you communicate the investment you and your organization are making. This helps you allocate the proper amount of team resources to continue their development.

Once you establish a pipeline for talented people you're grooming for leadership roles in your organization, it is time to look internally at your processes. Investigate your systems for finding, developing and releasing your new leadership within your organization. Establish consensus among your existing leadership team and confirm with them that you are not precluding anyone from participating in the process that could potentially add value to the team. Also take an unbiased look at your organization and consider how the new potential leaders will interpret you and your organization.

Think back when you first went through the process and began developing into the leader you are now. What was your perception of the organization? Use your imagination. The more aware you are about what you're looking for, the easier it will be to attract the right people to the leadership levels of your organization.

Take the time to closely examine your pipeline of emerging leaders, both internally and externally, and you will begin to improve the quality of people in your entire organization.

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