Make Money Paying Bills & the Voicemail Drop

by Beatty Carmichael

Don't you just hate bill-paying time? You have 10 bills and only enough money for seven of them? Let's look at a simple way to make money while paying your bills.

I want to help you to open your eyes and see the world of prospects out there waiting and wanting to learn about your business. But if you don't let them know you're there, they will find someone else intead.

Paying bills is a great way to find new prospects, build your business and make more money.

You see, every bill you pay is opened by a real person who reaches in there and pulls out your check and anything else that's inside the envelope. So why not send along a prospecting card with your payment so they can make more money, too?

And if you're already doing that, here's a great way to get even better results:

We know in marketing, that the more personal you can make your approach, the higher the response rate. So take a moment to write a short note, such as this:

"Dear Friend,

"We've never met, but I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Beatty Carmichael and I specialize in teaching people to earn more money from home. I am always looking for sharp, energetic, motivated people who want to make a difference in their lives and who are willing to learn how to do it.

"I don't know if you are that person, or if maybe you know someone who is. But I wanted to attach this card and ask if you would pass this note and the card to someone you know who is looking to make more money and improve their life. Please have them call the number on the card and it will give an overview of what I do. If they have an interest in seeing if they qualify to work with me, just have them leave me a message at the end.

"Thanks for your time and for passing this along.


"[Your Name]"

After you've written your note, go make a hundred photocopies. Every time you pay a bill, tape a card to the note and send it along with your payment. And don't do this with only bills. Take every junk mail you get, pull out the self-addressed prepaid envelope and mail it back with your note and card!

This is only one creative way to find prospects anywhere you go and in whatever you do. Just open your eyes -- and you'll find your business will explode!

The Voicemail Drop -- Helping You Sponsor Business Owners and Professionals

Have you ever wanted a fool-proof way to get business owners, accountants, executives and other top prospects to look at your business? In the new few minutes I'm going to teach you a simple way to make it happen. I call it the "voicemail drop."

These upscale prospects typically have three things in common. First, it's hard to get to them because they have people who screen their calls. Second, they are easy to find because they are listed everywhere. And third, they typically have a voicemail.

How do we get them to learn about your business?

First, we need to find these prospects. Many times finding them is as simple as opening the Yellow Pages. Let's say you wanted to focus on accountants. Open up the Yellow Pages to "Accountants" and you have an entire list waiting for you, for free! Or maybe you want to focus on business owners and executives. You can purchase those lists from list brokers or join the Chamber of Commerce; they'll give you a directory with everyone listed along with their occupation and their contact information. Civic clubs do the same.

Once you have the person's contact information, then all you have to do is call and leave them a voicemail message. Let's say you are calling Bill Arnold, the first listing you find in the Yellow Pages under "Accountants." You dial his office and a receptionist answers. Here's your script:

"Hi, this is Tom Smith. I was wondering if you could drop me to Bill's voicemail real quick?" The receptionist says, "Yes," and drops to his voicemail. Then, using first names only, you leave a message like this:

"Hi Bill, this is Tom, and I was calling because a group of business friends and myself are expanding a venture here in town and I was thinking about you [-- which you were, as soon as you saw his name in the phone book!--] and wanted to give you a quick call. I don't know if you could join us on this or not, or if you would even have an interest, but it has allowed other accountants to add an extra several thousand dollars a month income outside of their practice so I wanted to get up with you about it. Could you call me at your earliest convenience and let's talk? I'm out right now, but let me give you a toll-free number that will page me and I'll call you back. That number is [-- and you give your number, ideally a toll-free number to a recorded overview of your opportunity --]. That number again is [--repeat the number--]. Also, when you call you'll have an opportunity to hear a little about what we're doing. Thanks, Bill! I look forward to speaking with you soon!"

See how easy that is? It's a personal message to Bill. When Bill listens to his messages, he gets this one from you and begins thinking, "Tom? Which Tom is this? Is this my client Tom, or maybe that guy I'm trying to get as a client?" Bill becomes curious and is somewhat obligated to have to call you back -- because he can't afford not to!

That's how you can get top-quality prospects calling and hearing about your business -- and those who are interested will ask you to call them back.

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