The Art of Allure - For Entrepreneurs

by Kim Klaver

allure. n. The power to attract; enticement.

Do you typically get a glazed look when you tell someone what you do?

Or when you tell someone what you market?

Followed by a polite "Oh how nice" - the one that a 4-year-old child gets along with a momentary glance from a busy mom?

Have you ever wondered if you could learn a few words to say that would cause the person to pause after hearing what you market, reflect a moment, and say: "Gimme that!"

There's a trick to it. You can learn it.

Let's quickly agree on two things.

  1. Most interesting individuals have things, causes, concerns or beliefs they feel very strongly about.

  2. Anyone around them bringing up any subject dear to their hearts sets them off and they can discuss their position for days. Often you'll hear them say, "Don't even get me started."

How about you? Do you have something, a cause, a concern or a belief you feel really strongly about that makes you want to do certain things, or not do certain things?

Some people call them 'hot buttons'.

Good people have them hidden inside. Trick: How do you find those fast?

Two approaches:

  1. You can try to find out what theirs are.

  2. You can announce a stand on something and see who is attracted to you because they agree with you.

I vote for #2.

#2 takes less time, and you get immediate feedback. And no stress. Watch this.

Say you are telling someone what you market.

OK let's try some words and see what's more alluring.

SOMEONE: So what do you do?

UNALLURING LINES: I represent a company called XEENO. And we market really great neutraceuticals that help people live healthier lives.

How alluring is that? Does the answer tingle your insides? Or turn you on in anyway?

ALLURING LINES: I market a product for parents whose children are picky eaters and they worry they're not getting enough right nutrients

Do you agree?

Will someone with children who are picky eaters respond? And ask what you have?

CERTAIN people say: "THAT'S ME!! I am one of those parents, or I know one, and I worry about my kids getting the right nutrients! What have you got?" :)

And those without such concerns will do whatever you would do when someone tells you something interesting, but which happens to be interesting to you.

Like, "Gee, cool." and then you let go.

Remember the mission: Find people for whom it's the right thing now. No one else. So you can have it in your lifetime, remember?

Here's how that works.

People are like books...

Picture all the books in a big Barnes & Noble or Border's bookstore. See them all there? On several floors?

They're grouped by topics of interest. Sports, poetry, children's, movies, martial arts, marketing, biographies of great figures, etc.

When you ask for a book on learning computers, isn't there a whole section of books like that?

Slightly different, but all right there together, on on that topic.

People are like that. They share interests and like hanging out together when they see eye to eye, like books in the store are grouped together.

So like going book shopping, you ask for what you are looking for, Specifically. After all, does anyone just go in a bookstore and cryout: "I want a book! Any book will do!"

Is that an sophisticated way to ask for a customer for YOUR product or service? Too general to be alluring?

What if you learn to state who you are, and what is important to you, just like this example, so people listening can see if they are of like mind?

It's kind of like you are 'calling them by name'. Except instead of their given name, you are calling them by their interest, their concern, or cause they share with you. That's how to be alluring. To the right ones.

Kind of like asking for 'all wine enthusiasts' or 'mothers against drunk driving'.

It's always easiest to start with a description of who YOU are and YOUR concern. Like being a parent who worries about a picky eating child getting their proper nutrition. And of course, your product has solved that problem for you. Right?

How would you like to be able to be the ALLURING YOU in 1-3 weeks? And spend your precious time talking to people who feel like you do about important issues in your life? And perhaps you sell some of them the products you use that have solved the issue for you?

Does that sound better than dragging them across the finish line? Or across the starting line? Or nagging?

Learn the art of allure so you can build a giant customer base that won't quit this year are starting next week. In three weeks.

What if you can be naturally alluring when you speak to prospects? And make friends with people who feel strongly about the same kinds of things you do? People who are willing to do something about it? Like you did?

What if you get 137 customers this way who are also comrades for your concerns? What would your monthly bonus check be then? Just from them?

Plus the new friends and good relationships?

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