Recruiting Professionals and Executives With "The Voice Mail Drop"

by Beatty Carmichael

As you grow your networking business, I'm sure that you've heard the concept of "Sponsoring Up". But what does that really mean? It means to sponsor prospects with your level of achievement and drive and beyond. Most of us when we think about sponsoring up think about sponsoring the executive, the physician, the accountant, or the business owner. And one of the primary reasons to sponsor up, to sponsor these top prospects, is because they know a lot of people. They have great influence with people and they have the money to invest properly in a business to make it grow. Not only that, they have already built a successful practice, a successful business, or they have climbed the corporate ladder. They understand that success doesn't happen overnight - that it takes time and energy. That's why when you sponsor these top prospects, many of them become the top leaders within your company.

So how do you get to them? How do you contact the top prospect? In the next 5 minutes you'll learn a simple, easy-to-use technique...

One of the challenges is that top prospects have created a shield to protect them from people selling them things. They are not only your top prospects, they are the top prospects for real estate agents, insurance agents, stock brokers, and investment counselors. They are bombarded with offers for vacation homes, luxury automobiles, electronic gadgets, jewelry and the list goes on and on. Everyone wants them because they have the money to buy their products. And so these top prospects have created barriers. If you've ever tried calling one of these prospects, you typically reach a receptionist that you have to go through. If you mail them something, the secretary intercepts it to make sure that it contains information that the person wants to read. In other words, getting to that top prospect is very difficult.

However there is an easy solution. Instead of you calling them, why not have them call you? Now this is actually much easier than it sounds. Think about this for a moment. Most professionals, your top prospects included, have voice mail. It's a part of our daily lives right now. And while you may never get to those prospects personally, it's easy to get to their voice mails. So call and leave them voice mail messages! Now this isn't just any voice mail message saying, "Hey prospect, please call me." This message is an advertising prospecting message. It's a personal invitation to call a recorded voice mail message designed to get results with upscale prospects. A message that excites the "socks off of them" and makes them want to learn more. They'll call the recording, listen to the message, get excited and ask you for more information!

Here's a sample message you might leave on a prospect's voice mail. I call this a "voice mail drop." Let's say you are calling Bob Smith. Bob is an accountant. You would call up his firm and ask, "Does Bob have voice mail?" The receptionist will say, "Yes." Say, "Great, will you please put me into his voice mail?" You typically get past all the screeners with that one comment. When you get his voice mail say, "Hello ________ [use prospect's first name only] this is __________ [give your first name only]. I was calling because some business friends and I are expanding a venture here in town and I thought about you. It's giving other _______ ["accountants", "physicians", etc.] an opportunity to earn several thousand dollars a month extra outside of their practice and I wanted to talk with you about it. I don't know if you can join us or not but I wanted to see if there might be some interest. Give me a call back as soon as you can. I'm out right now so let me give you a toll-free number that will page me and I'll call you. That number is 800-xxx-xxxx. Thanks _____ [prospect's first name]! I hope to talk to you soon! Also... you'll have a chance to hear a brief overview of what we do when you call me back. Look forward to talking with you soon!" And you hang up.

You may have never met Bob. You may have found his name in the yellow pages. But think of the impact of being able to target any professional or upscale prospect that you want! Imagine giving them a personal invitation to call a prospecting voice mail message recorded by someone just like them. The beauty is that you don't give them your last name. When they hear that the message is from Tom, they don't know if that's the Tom that they know or another Tom. So they are compelled to listen to your message and to respond. After all, they wouldn't want to offend a client or patient.

That's the first part of the voice mail drop. The second part is you must direct them to a good message. Keep in mind that these are top-notch prospects. These are intelligent, busy people. If they get a "homemade" prospecting message, they will hang up and you'll never hear back from them. The key to converting these top notch prospects into people requesting more information from you is having a professionally recorded voice message that talks in terms of what they are most interested in. It needs to be to the point. It needs to briefly talk about your company, giving just the highlights, and then, most importantly, it needs to give testimonies of other people, ideally other professionals like themselves who are having success with your business. People want to know others like themselves are making money. If your physician calls and hears another physician, an attorney and an accountant talking about the money that they make on the side, your physician will be much more excited about requesting more information than if he or she only heard you "selling" your opportunity.

At my company, we term this a Sizzle Line(R) message because it sells the sizzle and not the steak. It is the most effective means that we have found for finding prospects. And here's the great part. It works with everyone - not just professionals. You can take the same testimonial message an in addition to voice mail drops you can run ads in newspaper and mail postcards. It does the selling for you. It weeds out those who are not interested and presorts those who are interested. They leave a name and number and now you call back warm prospects!

You can create your own message or find a company to create one for you. If you are not sure how the message should sound feel free to call our "message hotline" and listen to sample messages we've already done. You can call the hotline by dialing 205-871-2669.

Here's how the callback goes. Bob, the CPA, leaves a message wanting more information. You call Bob back at his office. The receptionist is going to say, "May I ask who's calling?" You say, "Yes, this is Tom. I am returning Bob's telephone call." You will be ushered in a lot quicker - right past all the barriers. When Bob answers, just tell him right up front, "Bob, this is Tom. We haven't met, but you responded to a voice mail message I left you and called a recording about my company, XYZ. You said that you were interested in earning an extra 5 to 8 thousand dollars a month outside of your practice. Is that still true?" And now you are in the door with your new prospect!

This is just one of many simple ways to find prospects with a prospecting voicemail. You can learn more with my line of prospecting and training tools by registering for a FREE Webinar on September 14th, 2004. Simply click the link below to register.

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