The Ideal Business

by David Stewart

From a business perspective what could possibly be a more ideal business opportunity then Network Marketing? The structure of this industry is the entrepreneur's dream. Instead of defending it's legitimacy to the uneducated we should be broadcasting it's advantages to every individual with a dream of personal and financial freedom we can reach.

The obvious advantages are many times forgotten or sometimes not even realized by the uninitiated. Too many times we limit the presentation of the business to extolling the benefits of our products and services or simply proclaiming the advantages of the compensation structure. Certainly they may be the primary reasons to get involved.

However, the success of this industry and your business is equally due to several other elements critical to any business venture. Without the advantages inherent in a Network Marketing business many people could not even get started in a serious manner or sustain themselves through the learning curve long enough to grow a successful business venture.

Perhaps the most obvious of these elements is the low upfront investment. Nearly any other business we could look at requires substantial initial capital to even get started. Equipment, inventory, manufacturing and professional expertise can cost a great deal of money and it is required in substantial amounts before you are in a position to experience any cash flow.

Next, speaking of cash flow before you could experience any positive cash flow you would normally have to deal with overhead expense. This is of course in addition to your initial outlay of money. Administration, fulfillment, on going product development, accounting, advertising and other common expenses must all be covered before you can experience any personal income. And, of course you need facilities to house and handle all of these personal and functions of any normal business enterprise.

Not only do you not have all of this to deal with, your Network Marketing business is not limited geographically. Your business is portable, you can live anywhere you want and still run an effective and prosperous business. What other business or profession is this flexible? And one more thing-tax benefits. Just the tax savings alone can add thousands of dollars to your income every year.

How does the Network Marketing business opportunity match up? Risk vs reward - Network Marketing offers a lower risk and greater potential reward than any other business opportunity in the world today. Any addition to your organization is a new organization in itself. You sponsor others and they generate their own income the same way you're generating yours.

While these are fundamentals they are profound in today's business world. Learn to present the full perspective of advantages and possibilities of this industry to others and you will exceed your own expectations of growth and success. You have all the business advantages anyone could hope to have in a viable business venture. Yes, you can offer them their own Ideal Business.

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