You Will "Believe It" When You "See It" Over & Over!

by Richard Bliss Brooke

One of the greatest mysteries around success, happiness and peace of mind is revealed to each of us when we understand the following: Desire, in and of itself, means little and moves nothing. Humans have been wanting health, wealth and happiness since the beginning of time and in general, perhaps occasionally achieving it. This accidental bumping into success has led us all to believe that if we want something badly enough, even if we work hard for it, we are assured of getting it. Good intentions are not, however, enough for us to rally the forces of nature to provide its abundance for us. There are other laws with which we are less familiar and skilled at employing. These laws are so available and powerful that merely practicing them produces enormous and rapid abundance.

Take charge of your future. Direct its course. Be responsible for creating your life of choice. Start today and the world will amaze you with its generosity -- not without its price, yet if you choose a course dear to your heart, a price you will love to pay.

It's not enough to want, wish and hope. It's not enough to "goal set". We must affirm over and over and over in our mind's eye and in our heart that what we want is inevitable. We must see it, hear it, taste it, feel it happening now. We must do this in spite of and regardless of any and all evidence to the contrary. We must establish faith (belief without evidence) in our quest. We must act as though, speak as though, pray as though, and move through our world as though what we want... is!

We, as human beings, have the distinct advantage of having the extraordinary inability to distinguish between the real and the very well imagined. A crystal-clear vision well rehearsed over and over and over becomes real -- again, regardless of any evidence to the contrary.

Ask us what we expect and every power in the universe moves in accordance thereof.

Learn the art of self-motivation by learning to have faith in your dreams, and your dreams will come true.

Extra Motivation:
No Hill for a Climber

As you read about the successes of others, you might wonder: With the same products and opportunities, why do some people create success while others struggle?

Obviously, there are a lot of factors unique to each of us. Call them challenges, excuses, priorities, circumstances or bad luck. We all have our hills to climb.

With enough motivation, mountains turn into molehills and good luck prevails.

Motivation is that magic potion of energy, mood, confidence, persistence and creativity that has you looking at your world like a winner. You see it, feel it, and can even taste it. With that kind of magic mood, you and I can and will do anything we choose.

Motivation comes from a crystal-clear, heart-warming, mind-compelling vision -- a Technicolor picture of what you see for yourself.

Now you have a choice. You can hope, wish for and want a compelling vision to visit you as it wanders the galaxy. That's called bumping into motivation, but bumping into it happens about as often as you win the lottery. This, by the way, is how 95 percent of us manage our motivation... by accident.

Or you can grab your destiny like your life depends on it and create a vision that propels you into massive action. You know how to do it. Think, dream, brainstorm and write. Keep writing and revising your vision until it works for you. Change it as soon as it quits working for you. It's not easy. If it were, everyone would do it. But it's what separates those with their "hair on fire" from those with wet heads. It's up to you.

If you aren't sure that your vision is powerful, just look at your actions from the past 90 days. Are you lighting up the world with your luck and good fortune? Or are you still struggling?

Your move...

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