The "Who Cares!" principle of Network Marketing

by Art Jonak

Sometimes I wonder if some Network Marketers give a single ounce of thought to the words coming out of their mouths. Because if they did, they'd realize prospects don't care about what they're saying!

And the problem runs rampant in email messages, on websites, postcards, drop-cards, sales letters, recorded hotlines . . . just about every promotional method network marketers use!

Are you guilty? Well, when you finish reading this tip, you'll know. And if you are, don't worry, because I'll give you an easy technique to fix this problem.

Whenever you write sales letters, brochures, or scripts ask yourself:

"Is the sentence I'm writing meaningful to the prospect?"

The easy test of this principle is to simply ask ,Who cares? after writing the sentence.

(This same principle also applies to those long boring opportunity meetings.)

Let's look at some boring sentences that may be important to us, but not to the prospect, and how we can make them more interesting:

"Our company is 17 years old."

(Who cares? Does it really make a difference to the prospect if the company is 17 years old or only 5 years old?)

Try: "For the last 17 years our company has paid bonus checks every month to happy distributors."

"Our company was ranked #7 on the best company list by a neat magazine."

(Who cares? If that list is important, then why go with #7? Why not join company #1 or #2?)

Try: "Sponsoring will be easier when you work with us. Even outside publications have taken notice of our opportunity."

"These products have been researched and developed over 16 years."

(Who cares? I don't care if the research lasted only one day if the products work.)

Try: "You,ll never have to be embarrassed when you offer our products. We spent 16 years of research to make sure our products will make your customers thrilled to reorder more."

"The company founder has lots of money, a neat house, and a boat."

(Who cares? The founder isn't offering to share his money, his house or boat with me.)

Try: "Let me tell you how you can earn big bonus checks with our opportunity and quickly fire your boss."

"The compensation plan pays 3% on level four on unencumbered volume on the alternate months that begin with the letter 'J' less any BV adjustments."

(Who cares? I'm sure I'll be paid well, but could you tell me how well the products sell? Will I have any customers? Any volume?)

Try: "Because our products work and have a high reorder rate, your bonus checks will grow every month."

It's easy to write and talk this way.

Have empathy, think like your prospect. Always ask yourself if the sentence or statement is really important to the prospect by giving it the "Who cares?" test.

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