What Do You Say After You Say, "I Do"?

by Dr. Peter Pearson

There are millions of people who get divorced from the field of network marketing. But I don't think it's what they really wanted. They started with high hopes. Rather like a marriage that starts with high hopes. Then like most marriages, a sobering reality sets in. Oops, this is going to take more work than I thought. In some cases, a lot more work.

I'm not surprised by the number of "divorces" from the profession of network marketing, but I am surprised at the number of people who work through the disillusionment and make something of it. The number of skills necessary to start and grow the business is considerable. Practicing these skills just got easier. Read on.

Perhaps you already know what the required skill sets are. The expertises to prospect, understand the sales cycle for your product, follow through after the contacts, and then if you grow your downline, be a good coach and trainer. To top it off, it would be good to have the emotional resiliency of a boxing speed bag.

But there is an unexpected surprise when you begin to grow your business. Every day you face the burden of freedom. You get to choose whether you take action or postpone it. Nobody but yourself pushes you to take action. Congratulations, you are the new boss. However, some days you have an employee who doesn't want to go to work. When you go to work, you take action. With each action, you have the opportunity to succeed or have a "learning experience."

Sometimes distributors get so flooded with learning experiences, they stop taking action. They stop taking action in order to avoid emotional pain. That's understandable. But another problem arises. The guilt, embarrassment, and self-criticism that follow the lack of action. All this takes a toll on the self-esteem.

What started out with high hopes now becomes a job of high distress. You don't want to quit and it seems too hard to take the consistent action to succeed. It's a serious dilemma with no good way out. Until now.

If there was a way to take difficult action and feel good instead of distress, that would be a relief. If you could learn to do this in minutes that would be better. If you could learn this very soon, it might even be best of all.

Well, you can. In fact, there is a free training on how to take action that has been troubling you. On August 17 you can learn a new process called "Change Without Pain." It can help you take actions that you have been avoiding. It can be about some aspect of prospecting, follow up phone calls, getting organized, or some other action you have been avoiding. The action can be in your personal or professional life.

All you need to do is think of some action you want to take and some good reasons for taking it. That's it. The rest is up to me. I will walk one or two volunteers through the process. They will serve as a model for you to take the same gentle, easy steps with the privacy of your own computer.

You will get written instructions to take with you on how to do the Change Without Pain process so you can apply it to other areas of your life. You can also teach it to people in your downline so their productivity will improve. They will thank you for that.

You will also learn about motivation and how you can motivate yourself by manipulating the three components of motivation. For example, by reducing the amount of unpleasant effort necessary for your success, your motivation increases. The more motivated you are, well - you know where that leads.

So tune in on --- and you will be glad you said "I did."

Peter has been helping people overcome personal issues and transform their relationships for more than 25 years. He and his wife Dr. Ellyn Bader are directors of The Couples Institute in Menlo Park, California. Peter and Ellyn are known worldwide for their ability to resolve the toughest emotional issues and cases. Their textbook on counseling is used in graduate schools across the country, and they have trained therapists around the world. He has been an Associate Consulting Professor at Stanford University for 15 years. Peter's 25 years as a licensed psychologist can help you break through your unproductive behavior patterns to reach the success you're looking for. He has taken his insights learned through two decades of working with most difficult emotional issues, and applied them to how you build your business in network marketing and direct sales. He did a CD program with legendary speaker/trainer Randy Gage, "Mental Edge MLM". This program combines new psychological insights and change technology with the field of network marketing.

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