The number one reason goals fail is TOO MUCH WILLPOWER!!!

by Jim Bunch

The biggest mistake a business owner can make is to set a goal and then try to use will power alone to accomplish this goal.

For many years, seminar leaders, experts and coaches have been teaching us to set goals and take action toward those goals every day. Great concept. The problem is that we've actually been programmed over the years not to take action on those goals; otherwise, we'd already be there.

Most people are trying to use their will power to create new habits. Creating a new habit takes a lot of energy, discipline and focus, and it goes against many years of programming. The problem is, you're not in the habit of that new habit. And your subconscious mind, which controls your habits, is stronger than your will power!

Will power is like a light switch. Imagine walking into a dark room: you flip on the switch, but it is outfitted with a spring that automatically flips the switch back down again, turning the light back off. In order to keep the light on, you have to hold the switch on. Your will power works the same way: it's only on when you turn it on and keep it on. For most people, that's a minute or two a day. Most of the day, we let go of the switch and do the same things we're used to doing, over and over. Therefore, we have the same habits every day.

The way to set and achieve goals effortlessly is to delegate your success to your environments. When I say "environments," most people think of nature, plants, etc. or their physical location. These are types of environments, but there are actually seven different environments controlling our success. These seven environments are conditioning us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to be happy, healthy and wealthy, or to be unhappy, sick and broke.

If you become aware of these seven environments and learn how to change them to pull you into your goals, instead of trying to use will power and force to push you toward your goals, life becomes simpler and goals become easier to accomplish.

Join us in the Webinar to learn about these seven types of environments and how to design your environments to pull you toward your goals instead of continuing to struggle. Quit using will power; start delegating success to your environments!

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