5 Pointers on Calling People You Know

by Michael Oliver

I was asked at a workshop recently, "What do I say when I call my warm market?"

Here are some points to consider, and then some pointers on what to say...

  1. People don't buy things, services or ideas. Nor do they buy because you think you might have the greatest solution in the world. What they buy is what those 'things' will do for them, and how it will make them feel.

    For example; Joe doesn't really want extra money because he wants to play more golf. He wants it to be able to get rid of the depressed feeling or lack of self esteem he has from not being able to keep up with his friends who can play golf at any time because they made a bunch of money on the market, and he didn't.

  2. Treat each person as an individual with potential specific needs. Don't bunch them into one category and pound away at them with a non-descript script (pun intended!) that focuses on you and your reasons why they should buy or get involved. If you do, you'll lose more opportunities than you'll gain.

  3. Make a list all your solutions (products and business opportunity features) and put the relevant ones next to the people on your list who might benefit from using them.

  4. Put yourself into the mind and shoes of each person you want to call. Write out what he/she has said or indicated in the past that has revealed a problem or need that one or more of your solutions will satisfy.

    For example; if you have weight loss products, and one of your contacts is overweight, think what he/she might have said about his/her weight. The more personable and 'What's in it for them ' you can make your opening remark, the more they will be open to wanting to know more. I've given examples at the end.

    Be thorough in this. If you can't think of something they have said, then find out, and call some other time.

  5. Use this information to build and open with a Compelling Introduction Speech (CIS)... one that focuses on their needs. Here are 2 examples:

    1. You might have heard a comment like this from someone, "You know, I've tried everything and I just can't seem to get this weight down. It's really depressing." You could call and then say;

      "Mary, you know how you said you've been feeling depressed lately about your weight, and that nothing seems to work for you?"

      "Well, if you're still feeling this way and want to get your weight down and feel good about yourself again, I've discovered something that might work for you... if you're interested I'd like to share that with you."

    Here's another example...

    1. "Anne, you know how you've been saying you'd love to find something different than you're present work because of the low wages, lack of job security and zero fulfillment you have there?"

      "Well, if you're still feeling that way, I've discovered something that could have you out of there and have your life back on track again. If you have time I'd like to talk with you about it."

Reminder: For the same reason people don't buy toasters (they buy them to make toast) people don't buy weight loss products to lose weight. They buy them for how it's going to make them feel when they lose the weight.

Michael Oliver is an Internationally recognized trainer, speaker and author of the best selling book, "How to Sell Network Marketing Without Fear, Anxiety or Losing Your Friends!", and the founder of Natural Selling® Sales Training.

His teleconferencing training, coaching and on-site workshops and speeches are in demand around the world. Every year he helps thousands of Independent Distributors and Direct Salespeople achieve outstanding business and personal results.

You can find out more about Michael, his book, CD's and free newsletter by going to http://www.networkingtimes.com/link/moliver.

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