Ten Tips for Terminating Telephone Terror

by Wendy Weiss

  1. Sell something in which you believe - something that offers value and a benefit.

  2. Make telephone calls. No one will ever say "Yes" if they do not know of your existence.

  3. Stop making cold calls. (Too scary!) Instead, think of this process as making introductory calls. You are calling to introduce yourself, your company, your product or your service.

  4. Think of your call as the beginning of a sales relationship.

  5. Constantly reality-check your negative thoughts and feelings. If you feel that "My prospect is avoiding me," ask yourself, "Why?" Why would a stranger - someone who doesn't even know you - be avoiding you?

  6. You can choose your beliefs. You can choose to believe that your prospect is not interested in speaking with you, or you can choose to believe that your prospect will want to speak with you. Both beliefs are made up, but the first one is self-limiting and the second supports your efforts.

  7. Make cold calling into a game, and reward yourself when you succeed. For example, for every "yes," put a dollar (or $2 or $3 -it's your game) into an envelope. At the end of the week, take the money and treat yourself - even if it's only an ice cream cone!

  8. Eliminate "negative noise" in your head. When you find yourself thinking negatively - let it go. Replace those thoughts with positive ones.

  9. Think of your prospect as someone you know, someone who is open and interested. Visualize a customer that you have, someone with whom you have a good relationship and someone who is open and receptive to you. When you make calls, pretend that you are speaking with that customer and not a stranger.

  10. Make your telephone calls with the expectation that your prospect will say "yes." Create your own self-fulfilling prophecies.

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